G1 Backstage Comments Day 4

Translation of original video.



“Goto, prepare for me.”



“Ibushi. Ibushi. Ahhhhhh!”



“I lost to Ishii about three years ago, so I can’t lose again. I’ll just do my best. I’m excited.”



“I already have lost one match. Zack Saber Jr, you are an outsider. G1 is not an easy place for outsiders.”


El Desperado

“Kushida, Hey Kushida. You cost me a championship. And you are traveling overseas. What are you doing? Are you playing with the belt?”


Young Lion 1 & Tanahashi

Young Lion 1: “Mr. Tanahashi, thank you.”

Tanahashi: “Because he is older than other lions, he has to move up as quickly as possible. He has limited time. But he is ready. What is your goal?

Young Lion 1: “My goal is to keep evolving!”

Tanahashi: “Please, beat Okada. But I will beat him first. Let’s fight together again”

Young Lion 1: “Please.”

Tanahashi: “Oh, and Nagata; I remember the years we fought, especially 2006, 2007, 2011. Let’s fight like those old times.”


Young Lion 2

“(Addressing Nagata) Please challenge/test me.”



“Im glad that those young lions are doing great. I hope they can enter G1 as soon as possible after I leave. Tanahashi, I will show you my strong style. Take that.”



“Tomorrow is Bad Luck Fale, but unfortunately it’s not the main event. Bad Luck Fale, I don’t want you to fight me with an attitude that you’re satisfied with being number 2 or 3 in the Bullet Club. Raise your fighting spirit some more. I hope to see you like that.”



“If this is my lesson in how to win the G1, then I have to take it. No, of course not. All I need is to win.” [Kojima speaks as if he is talking to himself]



“I thought today finally, this would be his (Kojima) time. But, Yano, he is so tricky. I guess I should say that he is a great opponent. But I believe he (Kojima) is not feeling down. I will support him 100%.”



“July 22,  2017. Today. Because of my family (fans), I won. I won! Today, I was sure that I was going to win. Because I could see something that will disturb Kojima. I will take any kind of darkness [he keeps refering to a haunting feeling]. I will win, and keep winning!”



“Juice, you said that you will do your best to beat me. Unfortunately, everything is evil. Remember that. Next is Tama Tonga. Fight me as a ‘bad boy’, I will be badder.  I will dominate everything in New Japan.”



“I do not care if I win or lose in G1. But the one thing I discovered is a new Sanada.”



Suzuki: “(To press) What? What? Are you boys staring at naked girls? (Because they are just standing at staring at Suzuki so quietly). You don’t even say ‘Congratulations. Great match’? Say something. Say it.”

Press: “It was a great match.”

Suzuki: “So what? So what? Winning is everything. What? Los Ingobernables? Sanada, why they hell are you trying to act so strong? Hey, little boy. Assennayo (tranquillo).”



Okada: “25 minutes and 49 seconds. This is my bad habit, that it took so long. This is not because he (Elgin) fought so hard. I am still weak. I have to get better to finish everyone more easily. Anyway, the strength test between us is a draw. “

Press: “You have fought Yano, then Elgin. They have different kind of fighting styles. Yet, you are able to match them. How do you manage that?”

Okada: “I don’t really do anything different. It is just I am naturally good at drawing the best out of them. This is because I am the champion.”

Press: “What do you think your chances are to win every match of G1 and being winning the G1 while being IWGP champion?”

Okada “I do not care about those little things. That is not what I am looking for. I am looking further and further. Don’t even ask me that.”

Press: “So, what are you looking to?”

Okada: “This is my job; to show you what that is.”

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