Road To Destruction Promo Video Translation

Text is a mix of on-screen text and voice over narration. Wrestler’s dialogue is in quotes.


G1 ended with Naito’s victory.

The sparks which were born in Summer become the destruction of everything.


EVIL: “I put the superman, Okada, though hell.”

Okada: “Is what you call surpassing the superman? Don’t make me laugh, idiot.”

The two rivals (Okada and EVIL) will face in NEVER 6 men tag match.


Suzuki: “We are the kings of puroresu world. All treasures are ours.”

3 way match for the NJPW’s crown jewels:

The Champion: Raymond Rowe & Hansen

Challenger: Tama Tonga & Tung Roa

Challenger: Lance Archer & Davie Boy Smith Jr.


Suzuki: “I have business with you… the white pig.”

Suziki’s target is the one who defeated him on Aug 5th in Osaka, Micheal Elgin 

Beat up the intruder.

Suzuki: “I will f**king kill whoever stands up in my way, one by one.”


The 53th IWGP Junior Tag Champions: Taguchi Ryusuke & Ricochet

Abe Miho: “Congratulations!”

The beautiful rose has a thorn.

The champion’s a pervert.

Taguchi: “I will take the challenge because I want more from her.”


The champion Kushida’s joy did not last long…

Challenger: El Desperado

El Desperado: “Being a champion means being someone who doesn’t lose, doesn’t it? You lost to me. Are you still pretending that you’re the king?”

KUSHIDA: “Only the champion can touch the championship belt. Don’t you have any principles?”

El Desperado: “This is mine.”


Zack Sabre Jr. vs Tanahashi

Zack started and ended the Summer with submissions.

Zack made Tanahashi give up in twice, once in the G1 match and once in a tag match.

Tanahashi: “I can’t get along with him (that kind of style).”


Juice Robinson vs Kenny Omega

What a shock!

Juice Robinson took the 3 counts from the first IWGP US Champion, Kenny Omega.

He took the opportunity on his dream stage. This time he will take over the title.


The future which will be born from destruction.

Make your own road.

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