Destruction in Hiroshima: Japanese Broadcast Highlights and Promos

Highlights from the Japanese Broadcast

Commentary (with Makabe):


Roppongi Vice Final Match

“Hiroshima is Pieter’s home. She owns an exercise gym in Hiroshima. There might be more of her fans here, today.”

“Roppongi Vice is one of the best tag teams in New Japan.”

“Yujiro wants to teach Baretta that it’s not as easy to become a heavyweight wrestler in New Japan as he may expect.Yujiro used to be a junior-heavyweight wrestler, too.”

Rocky: “Nakasuzo Konoyarou.” = I’ll make you cry, bastard.

“Rocky has won the title 8 times  in New Japan. 4 of them were with Baretta.”

“Roppongi Vice, the 4-time champions, close their final match with a victory. Finished with ‘Strong Zero’.”

Yujiro: “Are you really going to be a heavyweight wrestler? Baretta, don’t underestimate the new japan’s heavyweight. This is true!”

“Their tag life for the last 2 years ends here.”

“To Baretta, Rocky must be his teacher.”


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship

“Taichi and Kanemaru lost their title 5 months ago.”

“Since Ricochet’s joining, Taguchi Japan’s results have gotten better.”

“Abe Miho said that she’s scared of the chance that Taguchi will stalk her.”

“Taguchi and Ricochet are having fun with the ‘Taichi Go Home’ chant by dancing.”

“Taguchi’s making Ricochet confused by doing the baseball signal.”

“Taichi have Taguchi ‘Kancho’ with his gavel.“

“We believe Taguchi and Ricochet have the possibility of being better than Taguchi and Prince Devitt”

“Kanemaru dodged Taguchi’s hip attack so easily. He’s pointing his head (meaning his brain is better).”

“Taichi’s making Taguchi drink whisky!”

“Taguchi is a lightweight. Is he okay?”

“Ricochet’s hip attack! Did he learn from Taguchi?”

“Taguchi and Ricochet, their combination is getting better! Perfect!”

Rocky: “Please wait for a moment. Taguchi the director…Rocky kantoku (director)…”

“Will Rocky Romeo bring his new team?”


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match

“El Desperado’s third time challenging. Will he get his first title, ever?”

“El Desperado from Suzuki-gun. Height and Weight…unknown.”

“KUSHIDA will punish El Desperado for violating the belt (refering to the Ryogoku match on Aug 13th, when Desperado stole the belt“.

Makabe: “Without reeling, KUSHIDA’s value has increased. He has never stopped wrestling. He’s wrestling in Japan and when he isn’t, he’s wrestling in foreign countries.”

“KUSHIDA’s reputation is getting stronger, all over the world, now. “

“El Desperado is playing very dirty. But that’s how he survived in Mexico.”

“Desperado has waited for this moment, for 3 years.”


“Decided! Umai. Champion, umai! (well done!)”

“El Desperado’s showed what he’s made of, as well.”

“Osprey lost to KUSHIDA at the British World Cup.”

“Hiromu came, too!”

“Osprey knocked out Hiromu!”

“Osprey made a ‘Sorry’ face.”

“Shame on Hiromu!”

“Daryl is in training in Britain. He may come back with something new.”


Intercontinental Championship Match

“What’s your impression on Zack, Makabe?”

Makabe: “Insane. Tanahashi and I, both lost to him.”

Makabe: “I want to tell Tanahashi to be more carefree (in the ring).”

Makabe: “Zack’s submissions come out of nowhere. Even if he takes the lead, what is important is to defend. Just don’t let him take everything.”

“This is Lancashire style vs New Japan Dojo style”

“Tanahashi has grown for overcoming Zack, the one he’s had a hard time with.”


Tanahashi: “New Japan has come back to Hiroshima! Listen to me; I have decided on the next challenger: Ibushi!”

Commentary: “Ibushi revealed a new move ‘Kamigoe’ (go beyond God) in the G1.”

Tanahashi: “I want to fight with the one I thought would be interesting for my title. Accept my challenge, Ibushi.”

Commentary: “Ibushi nodded, strongly.”

Tanahashi: “I have come back to the main event, after a long time.”

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