Kenny Omega Vs Juice Robinson Hype Video – Translated

[Translation of narration]


The IWGP US Heavyweight Championship… created for the purpose of New Japan’s foray into the US.

The very first defense match will be held in Kobe.

The first ever champion: Kenny Omega. The man who fascinates the world.


The mistake he made in the summer…

The challenger: Juice Robinson

The game changer who overwhelmed the higher ranked player.

The driving force is his iron heart, which never gives up until the very end.

He keeps getting back up, no matter how many times he loses.

His growth comes from fighting against tough competitions, just like ‘puroresu’s origin’.

Frustrations incite this man.

And the wind was there for him

Kenny’s the injured champion.

Can he reach for the New Japan dream?

The man who is acknowledged by the world collides with the man who has kept getting up with unconquerable will.

Destruction’s last chapter.

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