Map of Wrestling Spots in Tokyo

We know that a lot of people are heading to Japan for the first time. We’ve made a map of some wrestling related spots you may want to visit.

Places include:

  • BUSHI’s Karaage (fried chicken)
  • Tonga Coffee (Bad Luck Fale’s cafe)
  • EBRIETAS (Yano’s Bar)
  • Piledriver (Suzuki’s clothing shop)
  • Ribera Steakhouse
  • Korakuen Hall
  • Tokyo Dome
  • Tokon Shop (NJPW Official Shop)
  • Ryogoku KOKUGIKAN
  • Roppongi Station
  • Toudoukan Wrestling Shop
  • Differ Ariake Arena (1/3 Fan Fest)

Direct Link to map

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