About Us

We Are The Lion Marks!

Actually, we are Juan and Yoko.

But we are huge fans of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Juan has been a wrestling fan since he was a little Hulkamaniac. Upon moving to Japan, he fell in love with Strong Style. And like most wrestling fanatics, he couldn’t help converting others into puroresu geeks. Hence, Yoko’s introduction, and immediate fascination with NJPW.

Together, they have enjoyed wrestling in the Land of the Rising Sun and in The Windy City. They are appreciators of the craft, but most especially, fans of the New Japan brand.

They are true Lion Marks!

Their mission; to spread the word of what makes NJPW the best wrestling promotion in the world.  While New Japan is making great strides in going global, they do leave a lot to be desired in the space of English translations. The Lion Marks will call upon the fighting spirit to help make bring New Japan into the new world.



About the Name

‘The Lion Marks’ is a play off the New Japan Logo.

In Japanese, a logo is often referred to as a ‘mark’ (derived from trademark). The NJPW logo is referred to as the ‘lion mark’.

In wrestling terms, a ‘mark’ traditionally refers to someone who enthusiastically believes that wrestling is real. It also refers to someone who is a big fan of someone or some team.

Hence, we are ‘Lion Marks’.


About the Site

The Lion Marks is a project by Yoko Fukui and Juan Torres.

Yoko is a native Japanese speaker, who has studied English in Canada. Juan is a former English teacher, who worked in Japan. They currently reside in Chicago, in the USA.

This site is their best effort to translate Japanese-only information into English, with the hope of spreading the joy NJPW has brought them.

We make every attempt to translate as accurately and truthfully as possible. Japanese to English is very difficult, and much is lost in translation. We do not claim 100% accuracy, but we strive to do the best that we can.

We’d love for you to share any articles you may enjoy. We only ask that you link to our translations, since they do take a fair bit of work. We will always link to the original source material, where available.


The Lion Marks

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