Japanese Pop Idol Makes Her G1 Picks

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Jurina Matsui, one of the main members of the Japanese pop idol group, SKE48, gives her picks for the G1 tournament. She picks Nagata from as a finalist from block A, and Kenny Omega from block B.

Matsui says that Kenny Omega does many dangerous moves, but it is very intriguing. As you may know, Kenny Omega   won the tournament last year.

But her hope for the G1 tournament winner is the Blue Justice, Nagata. This will be his last G1 tournament he will participate in. Matsui says that she respects his attitude for caring for younger wrestlers. She thinks of him, not only as a great wrestler, but a great person. “It would be so dramatic if he wins the tournament in his last year participating.”

SKE48 is one of the “48” girl idol groups from Japan, a spinoff of the original group, AKB48, named after the geek Mecca of Tokyo, Akihabara. SKE means “Sakae, Nagoya City.” SKE48, AKB48, (and a few other varieties across Japan) each have at least 48 revolving members in the group.

Jurina Matsui got really into NJPW and “puroresu” after being in the TV show called “Tofu Puroresu”, which started this January and ended in July. The show stars a group of portraying female wrestlers. Matsui was invited as a guest for Wrestle Kingdom 11, where she sat ringside. Since then, she started coming to see New Japan’s show on her own. Now, she is an honorary member of Taguchi Japan.

Interestingly, her passion for NJPW is bringing many of her idol fans to the company.

Here is a clip of the making of “Tofu Puroresu”


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