Okada on his Competition: Kojima in the G1 is “Boring”

In an interview on the official NJPW site, Kazuchika Okada gives his thoughts on some of his B Block competition.

On Michael Elgin:

Elgin is the most powerful wrestler in NJPW, more powerful than than the larger Bad Luck Fale. Elgin is the most tantalizing prey of the B Block competitors.

On Satoshi Kojima and the older generation:

Interviewer: Nagata has announced that this will be his last G1. How do you feel about facing these the third generation competitors (Okada will face Kojima in B Block)?

Okada: Honestly, it is very boring. Nobody expects that they have a chance (to win). To me, it is like fighting with ‘Old Boy’ wrestlers. Their level is not high enough to be in the G1. Personally, I think it needs to be more strict to participate in the G1 tournament; not just because they need more people to fill in the spots.

On Juice Robinson: 

I am very excited. (Unlike Kojima) Juice has a future. Also, it is rare for me to fight with wrestlers who are younger than me in the G1. I can see that Juice is acquiring mores skills everyday. The match will show if he has a bright future or not.

Original Japanese Article from NJPW.co.jp

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