Ibushi Answers For His Absence From NJPW

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Kota Ibushi has returned to the G1 Tournament.

He left NJPW last February to continue working as an independent wrestler. He opened and manages his own “Puroresu Kenkyuujo” (pro wrestling laboratory).

He traveled to America, and wrestled for Indies and participated in the WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic. Ibushi says this was difficult for him, as he is a a self-described shy and introverted person. He says that the experience in WWE forced him to reexamine his style; the experience helped him to gain more confidence in himself.

Ibushi also explains that he feels pressure from Kenny Omega’s recent surge in New Japan. In the past, it was  Kenny who chased Ibushi, but now the scenario has switched. They always have been close friends, since their days together in DDT Wrestling.

Ibushi feels he has to gain back the time and position he has lost in his absense from NJPW.

Ibushi says, “It can’t be anything less than winning the G1. This will decide if new New Japan and the fans accept me or not .”

Will ‘The Golden Star’ light up again?

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