What Did They Say? G1 ‘A Block’ Promo Videos Translated

Tetsuya Naito

(8 appearances total/ 8 appearances in a row)

“I will show the charm of Los Ingobernables de Japon and myself to people all over the world through the G1 tournament. I will take the advantage of G1. Tranquilo!”

Text: Verano de la gloria (Summer of Glory)


Kota Ibushi 

(3 appearances total/ did not participate last year)

“I’m so glad to be back in the G1, finally. And this will be my first time to wrestle in my hometown, Kagoshima (prefecture), in New Japan. Also, I will face Mr. Tanahashi, who I respect the most. I feel like I’m going to explode!”


Tomohiro Ishii

(5 appearances total/ 5 appearances in a row)

“I say big things every year, before the tournament starts, but always end up with poor results. So, I’m not going think anything this year (mindless/ zen-like).

Text: The Thoughtless Ishii Will Bring a Storm.



(2 appearances total/ 2 appearances in a row)


“G1 is my chance to beat the guys with title belts and the ones who are on a higher level than me. It is a great opportunity for me to take my next step. Everything can change very quickly (which he writes in kanji), I am going to do it!”


Hirooki Goto

(10 appearances total/ 10 appearances in a row)

“I reached the semi-final last year. And I won the G1 in 2008, but it has been many years since then. Nothing but win the G1, this year.”


Hiroshi Tanahashi

(16 appearances total/ 16 appearances in a row)

“My theme for G1 this year is if I can maintain my steam. It’s time for me to show my ‘real power’. But I never get tired, this is my advantage from everyone. I know that no one believes that’s true.”


Togi Makabe

(14 appearances total/ 14 appearances in a row)


“To me, G1 means number one in both the wrestling world and New Japan. It’s such a big deal. Even though, fans just react like, “Oh, Makabe is going to be in the G1 (so what?).” I’m going to prove that I’m a great wrestler to you guys! I will show you “the real puroresu”. That’s it!”


Yuji Nagata

(19 appearances total/ 19 appearances in a row)

(First, they show his announcement of G1 retirement)

“I struggled with my lack of results for many years, it was hard to decide (to retire from G1). (Thinking of the year when he won the G1) It was when New Japan was doing so bad. During those hard years, I tried to push New Japan. I wanted to make it bigger again. I want to finish my last G1 with no regrets.”


Bad Luck Fale

(4 appearances total/ 4 appearances in a row)


Zack Saber Jr.

(First time)

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