Minoru Suzuki

(7 appearances total / 3 years since last appearance)

Text: It has been three years since his last appearance

“What I want is the money and control. I don’t care what your guys’ (New Japan) business reasons are. Idiots.

[Fans booing Suzuki-gun, saying ‘go home’] Whatever New Japan fans think; “This guy should lose” or yelling “Stop him”, none of that matters to me.

G1 is the time for us, Suzuki-gun, to mount a full-scale attack on everyone.”

Interviewer: “Can you please say ‘G1 Climax 27’ to the camera?”

Suzuki: “You do it!”


Toru Yano

(12 appearances total / 11 years in a row)

[Singing] “G1 climax~. Hot~. So much traveling~. Tiring~. I just want to finish (the matches quickly) and go home and drink~. Anyway, buy my DVD! 1000 copies! No, 2000! Bakayaro~(bastards).”


Kazuchika Okada

(6 appearances total / 6 in a row/ the 65th IWGP Champion)

“This is New Japan’s IWGP fight. As long as I am here, I will make it rain in the G1 Climax. I believe that the IWGP title means ‘the best’, and I have to show it to fans. I will win the G1 and I will prove that I am the best. I will win the G1 and keep my IWGP title. Nobody is going to beat me. Do you know why?”

Gedo: “Because he is on another level.”



(2 appearances total / 2 years in a row)

“I will take you into the world of darkness. It’s very deep and you can never escape once you enters.”



(2 appearances total / 2 years in a row)

“It has been over a year since I made it here (in New Japan). However, I have not done anything great. No good results.

[Text: For his first singles title belt]. I will try to reach the top in the G1.”


Satoshi Kojima

“I gave my G1 spot last year to Tenzan for his retirement from the G1 tournament. I was so moved by him. I wanted to give back to him for what he gave me, 10 times bigger, 100 times bigger, and 1000 times bigger. Also, I want to have a good showing for the fans because of my absence last year, and end G1 victorious.”


Tama Tonga

(2 appearances total / 2 years in a row)


Kenny Omega

(the winner of G1 last year)

(2 appearances total / 2 years in a row/ The first IWGP US Chaimpion)


Michael Elgin

(3 appearances total / 3 years in a row)

“Ganbarimasu! (I will do my best!)”


Juice Robinson

(First time)

Text: G1 is the starting line for his dream. Higher than ever. Summer of challenges.

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