G1 27 Press Conference Live-Tweet Collection

We did our best to Live-Tweet the G1 press conference (@thelionmarks).

We have compiled our tweets for easy reading:


  • Announcement: Tanahashi is going to star in a movie. They are looking for extras from fans.


  • : “B block has IWGP, US IWGP, NEVER Champion. Many champions. But I am the only one who has the title belt from A block”
  • : [Talking about his movie] “When G1 ends, I will be in the next stage (movie star)”


  • : ” have been on many shows (TV) like so many! But I haven’t participated in any big matches, recently”
  • : “Because I haven’t done anything. That’s why I have to win every match in the G1.”
  • “I will show you my real puroresu in the first match in Hokkaido. Who am I going to face? Sh!t. Bad Luck Fale. That’s it.”
  • Correction: called “sh!t”. That upset him.


  • : “This is going to be my last G1. I want to show everything to my fans. And end with great happiness.”


  • : “This is going to be my third time. I will try do my best. And I will explode.”


  • : “It has been a year since my semi final in G1. I will do better than the last year. That’s it.”


  • : I will be thoughless. (zen-like/not over thinking)


  • : “Last year, it was my first G1. This year, I will do better, so fans can see my progression.”


  • : “To me G1 is just to take advantage. I have won before, but that time I didn’t capitalize. But this time I can do better.”
  • : “I will enjoy it.”
  • : “In A block there’s the wrestler who wants to make a good last memory (Nagata). But G1 is not the place for that.”
  • Addition: also criticized for only wrestling a few times a year. “G1 is no place for that.”
  • : “Adios”


  • : I have had many hard matches as IWGP champion, this year. This is for fans, and the company. I will make it rain.”


  • : “Sorry for being here without makeup. [addition: and I am a big 39 year old boy]”
  • : “Ultra Chaos Quiz DVD has been released. Family (fans): thank you for your support. Good sales. Please buy more.”
  • : “I will win the G1. Because I never lie. I will say that again, I never lie.”
  • : “I will take good pills to win. (Haha)”


  • : “Last year this time, I was struggling. But this year I have no doubts.”
  • : “I will do my best for my fans and Tenzan who has influenced me. Thank you.”


  • : “We only need one king for Puroresu world. Please change the blocks now. Tanahashi come to B. I will end you.”


  • : “I will give everyone in a block great gift.” [Skull End (finisher)]


  • : “I will show you guys how to beat up the current IWGP champion, Okada.”


  • Interviewer: What Naito mentioned was about ibushi, can you tell us a little bit more about that?
  • : “I know that Ibushi is a great wrestler. But how many times has he been wrestled this year?”
  • : “He () only wrestles 10 times a year? Is that what you want to do or are you just lazy?”
  • : “Please don’t disappoint me,
  • : “I know what he () is talking about. But what I have done is something he has never done.”
  • : “I don’t think there is nothing wrong with what I have done.”


  • Addition: Reporter to : “ is so excited to face you. How about you? How do you feel about ?
  • : “I understand that this is going to be special (for him). And Kagoshima is his hometown.”
  • : “So, I guess it it will be exciting for me, too.”


  • Interviewer: “What about Suzuki gun vs Bullet Club?”
  • : “I just want to beat you up, Kenny Omega.”


  • Interviewer: Asking about his last G1
  • : “I will try my best so that fans would think that ‘he does not need to leave yet’”


  • Interviewer: “What about vs ?”
  • : “I will beat the ‘genius’ ().
  • Clarification: “(facing ) is the most exciting match for me. So please watch carefully.”


  • Interviewer: Asks about many champions in B Block
  • : “Even though there are many ones with a title belt, I am the true champion.”

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