Kenny Omega on the G1: “It’s time to have ‘a talk’ with Ibushi”

The G1 Climax 27 starts today (depending on where in the world you are).

Kenny sat down with for an interview on his competition:

On his 2nd G1:

“Honestly, I was not interested in participating in G1 this year. My focus was to come up a plan to beat Okada. (He lost to Okada at the Tokyo Dome, and at Dominion his revenge ended in draw). I did not have a strong motivation to enter the G1. But, I found Kota Ibushi’s name in the competitor list. So, that motivated me.”

Interviewer: You guys used to be good friends and rivals. It has been a long time since Ibushi participated in New Japan.

Kenny: “We ended up being in the different blocks; however, there is a possibility for us to face in the finals. So, at least, I want to make it to the finals. That is my chance to see him again. I have many things to tell him. It’s time to have ‘a talk’ with Ibushi through the match.”

On Minoru Suzuki:

“Suzuki is such a dangerous guy. He is my first opponent in the block. I might get hurt. Suzuki is a master of submission. Also, he is the meanest person in the world, isn’t he? He may like to hurt the opponent. So, I have to watch out.”

On Tama Tonga:

“I thought this is going to be our first time (to face each other). But, I remembered that we fought officially in ‘the Best of Super Juniors in 2010’, and I beat him. Back then, there was no Bullet Club.  He was one of the Young Lions, and I was in DDT. Now, everything is totally different.  I want to show him why I am the leader of Bullet Club. “

Interviewer: He is one of the original Bullet Club members. He must have an opinion on you being the leader.

Kenny: “I don’t want to have a hard match against the Bullet Club members, honestly. However, if he tries to make a statement against me, then I have to fight him as my opponent.”

On Toru Yano:

“Thanks to Yano, my comedy spirit from DDT still exists in New Japan. (Fighting Yano) may be troublesome, but it’s very exciting to face his comedy style.”

On Michael Elgin

“I used to have an issue with him before, although, now I have completely surpassed him. However, the fact, that he is such a tough wrestler, is undeniable. But I am tougher than him, and I will show him and everyone that. Also, I have better tactics. So I have no reason to fear Elgin.”

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