G127 Japanese Broadcast Highlights Day 1 (SPOILERS)

Day 1 of G1 27 is in the books. We’re wrestling fans, not experts, so we won’t try to recap or grade the action; there are plenty more qualifiable people to do so. These are just a few highlights which hopefully add to story in the ring.


Nagata vs Yoshi-Hashi

Commentators: Yoshi-Hashi has been kick-boxing to train for G1


Makabe vs Fale

Commentators: This is the anniversary of Bruiser Brody’s, someone who Makabe greatly admires and respects (Makabe uses same/similar entrance music).


Goto vs Ishii

Commentators: This is the first time Goto and Ishii face off since Goto joined CHAOS.
Ishii (in ring, provoking Goto):


Tanahashi vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Commentators: Their first ever time facing off in a singles match.
Brace on Tanahashi’s right arm due to injury.
Tanahashi’s knees are in damaged, ZSJr. targets them.
Jushin Thunder Liger on Commentary: He, himself, is learning from watching Zack Sabre Jr., as he does many innovative things. Liger call Zack the “Master of Submission.”


Naito vs Ibushi

Commentators: “IBUSHI’S BACK!”
Both men were born in 1982, 35 years old. Used to be cited as rivals.
Ibushi kept trying to (and finally succeeded) to hit the Swan Dive German, which he used against Shinsuke Nakamura in the Tokyo Dome.
Liger: “Ibushi’s experience is valuable and undeniable. So, Naito should reconsider his thoughts on Ibushi.”

Post Match
Naito in Ring: “This is our second time in Sapporo (main city in Hokkaido) this year. Did we, LIJ and Naito, entertain you guys? Who’s going to win? The answer is ‘TRANQUILLO'”
Naito back stage: “I won the first match, so what? All I want is to win the G1. Beating Ibushi means nothing to me. See you later. Adios.”

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