Suzuki: “I will use everything I have to destroy Kenny Omega”

Suzuki spoke with Tokyo Sports

Minoru Suzuki has returned to the G1 after a three year absence.

He was placed in block B, so was Kenny Omega, who won the G1 last year.

Suzuki: “Some of (roster choices) are just for making up the shortage of spots, such as Nagata and Kojima. They aren’t on my level. They just want the money and to feel good about themselves.”

Suzuki has returned to New Japan this past January. He took the NEVER title from Goto in April. However, he is not pleased with his results; “Things aren’t going the way I thought they would. I’m very frustrated (with how slow things are progressing).”

The fans and media are greatly anticipating the B Block first day match against Kenny Omega.

Suzuki: ”(Kenny Omega) is just a country boy from America (Canada), pretending to be a big hero. He shouldn’t even stand before me. I will use everything I have to destroy him. I have the crew (Suzuki-gun).”

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