G1 Backstage Fallout Video Day 1

Translation of original video.


Satoshi Kojima

“Some people are doubting me, saying ‘You fight for Tenzan, why not fight for yourself?’ But I will fight for Tenzan And for my fans who have always supported me. I am doing this to excite everyone. That’s what excites me too.”

Kenny Omega / Minoru Suzuki

[While he is speaking, Suzuki and crew interrupt, holding Kenny’s USA title.

Suzuki: “Hey. You forgot this.”

Taichi: “Don’t you need this?”

They put the belt on the floor.

Suzuki-gun: “Why don’t you pick it up? Pick it up!”

Taichi: “You understand what we’re saying!”

Kenny starts fighting them.


Hiromu Takahashi

“After I fought with the LIJ members for the first time, I realized that I like them so much.”


Kazuchika Okada

“It wasn’t a G1 match, but, I was manipulated by Yano. What move should I use next time? Rainmaker? Find his weak spot?”


Toru Yano

“I will tell you my story. I saw this mysterious guy on July 11 and 12, the days when the G1 started. I almost got swept up by a darkness. But I won’t lose because I am not lying. I am not lying at all. Something terrible happened last night. However, I can’t tell you now. Wait for the match on July 20th.”


Togi Makabe

“I have no regrets. I felt good. I saw a hot woman watching our fight, and it heated me up.”


Hirooki Goto

“This is the G1. Last year, I made it to the finals, but lost. I’m glad that I faced Ishii.”


Hiroshi Tanahashi

(In pain)

“I’m ok. I’ve been doing this (G1) for 16 years. This happens.”


Kota Ibushi

(On his knees)

“I am sorry. Thank you.”


Testuya Naito

“I beat Ibushi. but so what? I am not here to beat Ibushi, I am here to win the G1. And, I told you guys that this match (vs Ibushi) was going to be just another match.”

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