G1 Backstage Fallout Video Day 2

Translation of original video.



“This last a year and a half, I feel like I have been left behind by Naito. But, G1 has just started. I always fight the best I can. Zack and I were in the same tournament before (CWC), but this was first time to face him. I didn’t expect his submission to be so strong.”


“Hey, Makabe. Wait until tomorrow. I’ll cook you.”



“Prepare for tomorrow, Ishii. That’s it.”



“My first G1 ended poorly. NJPW is on a surge. But I saw some matches that they need me to correct, or teach the young ones. Goto, let’s show each other our strong style. I heard you say ‘strong style’ one time, long ago.”



“I’m not gonna lose anymore. Because I can not hold my title (if I keep losing).”



“I had my debut match here, nine years ago, against Naito. I see that he has gone further than me. Tomorrow, I want him to remember our first match. But I’m gonna win in the end..”



“Does Yoshi-hashi know this is G1? It’s not place for him to ‘make his wishes come true.’ Who thinks he has chance? No one. Only his family and friends? He has to make the people believe that he might have a chance. That’s your job, Yoshi-hashi.Yoshi-hashi; don’t lower the G1 level. It’s not too late to drop out. Maybe I won’t have to be here tomorrow (because yoshi-hashi will drop out).”



“The guy who has never been in the G1 beat they guy who has been here 15 years. But that’s G1.”



“My fight against Sanada is still going on.”



“Evil, you were great. See you in the ring, again.”



“Again, I am not lying. I was supposed to beat Okada. This is not what I expected. But I will keep standing up and fighting. July, 20, 2017: I am not lying.”



“It was such a hard match. Maybe more than Tokyo dome. But thank you, Yano.”


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