G127 Japanese Broadcast Highlights Day 2 (SPOILERS)

Day 2 of G1 27 summary


Kojima vs Juice

Commentators on Juice: He has been in New Japan for about 2 years, this being his first G1. They were surprised how over he was with the LA crowd during the G1 Special in the USA. They kept mentioning that Juice chose New Japan over WWE. Before leaving for the WWE, Nakamura told New Japan that Juice should be in the G1.

Commentators on Kojima: They were surprised that Tenzan was there, acting as his ‘second’. Kojima had served as Tenzan’s ‘second’ during his G1 run. Kojima and Tenzan faced off in 2006 (Kojima was part of All Japan Pro Wrestling at the time).


Tama Tonga vs Michael Elgin

Commentators on Tama: He came through the Young Lion system, where he lived in the dojo.

Commentators on Elgin: He debuted 2 years ago, and his status in the company grew quickly.


Sanada vs Evil

Commentators: Sanada had said that this is the most exciting match for him in the G1. Naito believes that EVIL is the most skilled member of LIJ. EVIL greatly admires Chono. The commentators put over this match as being very high level.


Okada vs Yano
[After Okada tries to stop Yano from removing the corner pad]:
Yano: “Don’t bother me, Okada!”

[After Yano hits Okada below the belt]:
Yano: “Sorry!”


Omega vs Suzuki

Commentators: Kenny believes that he and Suzuki live in the same world (heel) and wants to fight like gentlemen.

Commentators on Suzuki: He can’t accept not being at the top. He knows all submissions which he uses artfully. He has traveled down many paths and roads to become a better wrestler.

Suzuki to audience: “Urusee (shut-up)”

Post Match
Omega in Ring: “Otsukaresamadesu [Good work, everyone]'”

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