G127 Japanese Broadcast Highlights Day 3 (SPOILERS)

Day 3 of G1 27 summary


Nagata vs Goto

Commentators on Nagata: Can’t believe this is Nagata’s last G1. Nagata won’t show any sadness; he fights as he always does. Commentators believe Nagata is still in great condition.


Ishii vs Makabe

Commentators: They have been fighting each other for 15 years. They refuse to reveal any weakness.


Zack Sabre Jr. vs Ibushi

Commentators: Mentioned that they were in the final four of WWE’s CWC tournament. Americans have been anticipating this ‘dream match’. Since becoming independent, Ibushi has been challenging himself, studying jujitsu. They pointed out that Ibushi likes to eat a lot of snacks while Zack Sabre Jr. abstains, implying that Zack may be more focused while Ibushi is sometimes carefree (this is Japan, these things are brought up).


Tanahashi vs Fale

Commentators: Tanahashi admits that Fale is his most difficult opponent, due to size.



Naito vs Yoshi-hashi

Commentators: They have retured to Korakuen Hall after facing off 9 years ago. Yoshi-hashi remembers that in 2008, New Japan was doing poorly, many seats were empty. Commentators point out that New Japan fans ‘worship’ Naito. They comment that Naito looks unfazed by Yoshi-hashi.

Naito (post-match): “G1 Day 3 just ended. I won two times in a row. LIJ and Naito will go to the top. Trainquilo to the last day (of G1).”

Commentators: “Can anybody stop Naito?”

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