G1 Backstage Comments Day 3

Translation of original video.


Hiromu Takahashi

“G1 is great. I wish I could be in the G1, too.  What is the difference between the heavy weight and super junior? I feel like lately, you can just say “Ok, I’m going to be a heavy weight.” Then, anybody can be a heavyweight. I am afraid that NEVER will impede on the junior class and there will be no junior class in the future.”



Juice, I am going to finish you. Remember. This is evil. Everything is evil.”


Taichi and El Desperado

Taichi: (Wearing Bushi’s mask) Smelly. This mask smells so bad.

El Desperado: Who are you?

Taichi: (Takes off the mask) It’s me.

Desperado: Oh.


Suzuki and Sanada

(Fighting backstage)

Suzuki: Come on! Let’s have a fight!



“Let me say this, straight: I fight for ‘the families’ (his fans) who support me. Not for the audience.”



“My next opponent is Elgin. He is a strong guy. But I am actually stronger than I look. I can even lift Fale. I fought Yano using my mind. But Elgin, I don’t think you have any smarts or skills.”



“Kojima is doing great. He is unbeatable. I will fully support him. If stupid Yano does something nasty, then I will stop him.”



“Tomorrow (my oponent) is Yano. The TenKoji Police will arrest you for your mischief.”



“Damn it. Goto, you are very strong. Please keep your ‘Strong Style’, Goto. I believe Goto should be the one of the main guys in New Japan. He’s still got potential to make a big leap.”



“Some wrestlers coming from outside say whatever they want about New Japan. But only the ones who have been always here have that right. Tell that to Nagata. I am still chasing the ‘Strong Style’.



“Stupid bustard.”



“Not great at all (critizing his own winning performance).”



“This was first time for us to face each other. However, I have known him for a long time. Prince Devitt introduced us. So, we’ve been good friends, actually. I am satisfied with how I won. I thought Zack’s submission would end me as soon as the match started. I felt like my bones were going to break. I am feeling sorry for this last two years (absence).



“I thought about how I could end Fale, in my current condition. And I figured out there is not only one way to do so.”



“Shit. I couldn’t expect that he was going to use ‘Destino’ on me. I know I lost. But I am progressing. I can’t give up until I beat Naito.”



“Fighting against Yoshi-Hashi was like one of the ‘Yume Kachimasu*’ matches. If you are a new New Japan fan, Google it: ‘Yume Kachimasu’. So, my interest now is who I’m going to face in the final. Is it going to be Kenny Omega, Okada, Evil, or Sanada? Whoever it is, I am looking forward to it and I will be waiting for it. Hasta mañana, Adios!”


*We Googled it for you:  ‘Yume Kachimasu’ used to be the New Japan’s annual Christmas event to showcase Young Lions (rookies in training). Naito is making the inference that Yoshi-Hashi beating Naito would be ‘a dream win’.


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