G127 Day 4 Japanese Broadcast Translations (SPOILERS)

G1 27 Day 4 In-Ring & Commentary Translations


Yano vs Kojjima

Makabe (on commentary) : “Yano is always ahead of opponent. Always has something in mind. That’s how he tries to ruin his opponent’s flow and confuse him. Kojima shouldn’t let up on him.”

Yano: (Pointing to his head) “My mind is better than you.”

Yano: “Tenzan, you step into this ring, too”

Fans chanting: “Yano Toru!” (In Japanese, last names are said before first)

Kojima: “Icchayauzo Bakayaro” = “I’m coming for you, bastard!”

Yano: “I am here, bastard”

Makabe: “I know that Yano is always thinking something. Even this moment. I know him very well.”


Evil vs Juice Robinson

Commentators: “The most surging wrestler currently is Juice.”

Makabe: “Juice is great. He is progressing.”

Commentators: Evil and Sanada, and the all of the ones from LIJ have been growing so much recently.

Makabe: “Juice’s neck is hurt. Juice’s legs are so long!”

Makabe (after Juice perfomred Honma’s move in tribute): “Good. Good. Good, Juice.”


Sanada vs Suzuki

Commentators: Sanada is avoiding looking Suzuki in the eyes. They have fought in  All Japan Pro Wrestling before. Sanada is always was very calm, but Suzuki is bringing out Sanada’s emotions. Interesting.


Kenny Omega vs Tama Tonga

Makabe: “Their moves are so fast!”

Makabe: “I can see that Tama Tonga is upset with Kenny Omega’s attitude and him being the leader. But he hasn’t made clear what he wants to do.”

Makabe: “Tama Tonga has great leaping ability. But overall, Kenny is more skilled.”

Commentators: “Kenny Omega is one of the top wrestles in New Japan. He makes other wrestles wonder how they can beat him.”

Makabe: “I guess Kenny proved to Tama Tonga, and the other members of the Bullet Club; he is the best.”


Elgin vs Okada

Commentators: “There are high expectations for Elgin. He was the heavy-weight champion in ROH.”

Makabe: “Because of Elgin being so heavy, it is hard on his own body, too.”

Commentators: “Elgin’s big but also can move fast at the same time.”

Commentators: “Okada is the strongest wrestler in the world right now!”

Commentators: “We can’t predict Okada’s limits. That’s his strength.”

Post-match (in-ring)

Okada: “Let me tell you three things. First; Elgin, you are so strong, bastard. Second; are you guys satisfied with G1 so far?”

Fans: “Yes!”

Okada: “This is not enough. We can go further! Three; nothing really. Please, Gedo, talk.”

Gedo: “Nobody can stop the rainmaker. Do you know why? Because he is on another level. He is going to win every match. Then, he will make it rain in ‘Kourakuen’.”


Interviewer: “What do you think your chances are to win every match of G1 and being winning the G1 while being IWGP champion?”

Okada “I do not care about those little things. That is not what I am looking for. I am looking further and further. Don’t even ask me that.”

Interviewer: “So, what are you looking to?”

Okada: “This is my job; to show you what that is.”

2 thoughts on “G127 Day 4 Japanese Broadcast Translations (SPOILERS)

  • July 22, 2017 at 8:22 pm

    Thank you so much for these write-ups! Two questions, both from the Yano/Kojima match.

    1. Whenever Yano points at himself and leads the crowd in chanting his name or whenever I hear the crowd chant his name, I honest to god can only hear Ya-no-ru. Same thing happens with Tanahashi where I hear the crowd chanting Ta-na-shi. I don’t know a zilch of Japanese but am I just mishearing?
    2. Kojima seems to do this thing where he rushes at an opponent in the corner, hits a strike and pulls Yano to the mat before yelling something along with the crowd. What is he yelling? (sequence is at 1:10:02 from the 7/22 show)

    • July 22, 2017 at 8:30 pm

      We’re glad your enjoying the site
      1) I think this is a case where our ears work a little differently. I’m American, and to be honest, I kind of hear what you hear. I faintly get a sense that ‘no’ is swallowed by the ‘ya’, so it kind of sounds like “ya-to-ru’, to me. My partner, who is Japanese, clearly hears all 4 syllables.
      2) We could have made it a bit clearer; this is when he says “Icchayauzo Bakayaro” = “I’m coming for you, bastard!”. Apparently, he used to have to say it himself, but the now the crowd does it for him. Like the last point, it can often sound like less syllables are being spoken, but that’s because it’s foreign to our ears.


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