G1 27 Day 5 Japanese Commentary Translations (Spoilers)

G1 27 Day 5 In-Ring & Commentary Translations


Tama Tonga, Chase Owens vs Evil, Hiromu Takahashi

Tama Tonga (to Takahashi): “Daryl, doko desu ka? (Where is Daryl?)”


Zack Sabre Jr. vs Yoshi-hashi


  • “Once you get caught by Zack, it is so hard to get away.”
  • “Zack’s style is a more advanced version of Lancashire wrestling.”
  • “Zack is making Yoshi-Hashi feel hell.”

Zack Sabre Jr (In Japanese) :  “Oi, daijoubu ka, Omae. Oi.” = “Hey, you ok? Hey.”

[His Japanese pronounciation is very good.]


Nagata vs Tanahashi

(In case you are wondering why music is muted, it is because they don’t have the international music copyrights.)


  • “Tanahashi has a red hair extension.”
  • “Every wrestler hates to lose, but these two are more competitive than everyone else.”
  • “Nagata’s kicking Tanahashi like a soccer ball.”
  • “Fans are booing Tanahashi.”
  • “Why does Nagata’s eyes roll back? Because he is concentrating all the power in his body.”
  • “Nagata has a dream; to become the oldest IWGP champion ever.”


Naito vs Fale


  • “Fale gets upset easily.”
  • “Fale is targeting Naito’s back.”
  • “Naito was hung up on using his finisher, ‘Destino’. We hadn’t see ‘Bad Luck Fall’ in a while.”

Ishii vs Ibushi


  • “Ishii said that he will be mindless (zen-like) this year, but he can’t hide his fighting spirit from Ibushi.”
  • “They have fought before for the NEVER title in 2014. Ibushi was Junior Heavy-Weight Champion.”
  • “Ibushi has the ability to match any kind of fighting style, even Ishii’s, with his hard body shots.”
  • “Ibushi has the greatest back strength in New Japan, alongside Fale.”


Goto vs Makabe


  • “Makabe has 0 points so far. That has him fired up. But Goto was very close to winning last year, so he must have felt very frusrated.”
  • “Their both have strong stamina.”


Makabe: “Hey, you guys. This is the real ‘puroresu’! Don’t forget about me! Last year, I lost after a winning streak, but this year I am going to win after a losing streak. Don’t underestimate this 44 year old guy. Im still active. My ‘asoko’ (down there) is active, too.  Will this be cut out? ‘Makabe Togi’ came here from nothing. If I can do it, then you guys can do it, too. Anything to ask me? Nothing? Nothing? Im going to a ‘kyabakura’ (hostess bar, where ladies serve you drinks and entertain you) after this. Hey, you, girl (to a female staff member). You are looking at me like I am so boring. Don’t ignore me. You are cute. Give me your phone number. Is that a yes? Yes?”



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