G1 27 Day 6 In-Ring & Commentary Translations


Elgin vs Kojima


  • “Kojima’s lariat came from being trained by Stan Hansen.”


EVIL vs Tama Tonga


  • “Battle of Bad vs Bad.”
  • (After Tama Tonga says ‘LIJ sucks’) “He isn’t impressed by their surging popularity.”
  • “Tama has many flexible moves, but it seems like EVIL has more power.”
  • (After the match) “It was a very close match.”


Juice vs Suzuki


  • “I suppose this is match Juice is least wanting to fight.”
  • “His legs are in bad condition. He’s hurt. I talked to him about the injury, but he said he is not sure when it really happened.”
  • “Suzuki is having so much fun hurting Juice.”

Suzuki: “Koiyo, konoyarou! (Come on, bastard)”


Kenny Omega vs Yano

Commentator 1: “They are pulling each other’s hair out. This is emberassing to show to the world.”

Commentator 2: “Is this puroresu?”

Commentator 1: “Yes.”


Yano: “Shine, bakayaro (die, bastard)”



  • “Yano is a living pitfall.”
  • “Kenny became a mermaid.“
  • “What are we watching?”
  • ”Kenny had a good companion.”


Okada vs Sanada


  • “Sanada is struggling with his leg. Can we trust this?”
  • “I think we are seeing more emotions from Sanada in the G1 than before.”
  • “Sanada has never beaten Okada in any single matches so far. “
  • “I think people have such high expectations for Sanada. But it’s hard to see what he really thinks. He’s very mysterious.”
  • “Nobody can’t beat Okada, so far,  not even Kenny Omega.”




Okada: “Let me tell you three things. First: sorry for being so strong. Second: it’s hard that everyone is trying to beat me, but G1 is super fun. Three: nothing really.”

Gedo: “Okada is going to win every match. Level ga chigaun dayo (He’s on another level).”


Okada: “Who’s next? Oh, Kojima. I’m going to hit him so much. I will prove to him that he doesn’t deserve to be here. Sorry for being so strong. “

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