G1 27 Day 7 In-Ring & Commentary Translations


[Tomoaki Honma is in attendance for this show. He has a headset on, but is never heard on commentary in this broadcast. He might have been on a different broadcast?]


Ishii vs Yoshi-Hashi


  • “Yoshi-hashi did have a good match against Naito. I hope he can do better in the G1.”
  • “Ishii was blaming himself after the match vs Makabe. That’s how he is. He is always looking towards where he wants to be.”
  • “Yoshi-Hashi is trying to make Ishii upset.”


Fale vs Zack Sabre Jr.


  • First ever singles match against each other.
  • “Zack’s matches are always interesting. They always go beyond our expectations.”
  • Weight: Zack 85kg and Fale 150kg
  • “Even a big guy like Fale gets hurt from Zack’s submissions. It’s hard to know how to escape from his submissions, ‘Lancashire Style’. Wrestlers like Liger who learned  ‘Lancashire Style’ would know how to deal with it.”
  • “Zack is this year’s eye of the storm.”


Ibushi vs Makabe


  • “Ibushi and Makabe used to tag often. Ibushi respects Makabe’s fighting style very much.”
  • “Ibushi has not used his ‘Phoenix Splash’ so far, are we going to see any of his new moves?”
  • “Good  ‘King Kong Attack’, Makabe!”

Nagata vs Naito


  • “Nagata doesn’t like Naito’s attitude and mannerisms (turning his shoulder to his opponent, mocking him).”
  • “Nagata’s face has transformed into that of a demon’s!”
[Crowd chants]: “Shirome!” (eyes rolling back)


Goto vs Tanahashi

Commentators: “(Coming into this match) Tanahashi has a total of 66 points in his G1 career, tied with Tenzan.”





  • “I came back to Sendai with a belt. Next time I will be here with a bigger one.”
  • “I can’t play (air) guitar as well as usual, please clap along to help me.”
  • “I’m going to play my new song from my new CD, ‘Go Ace'”
  • “I want to tell you something. It has been six years [Feb 20, 2011] since my first title defense here in Sendai [against Kojima]. There has been many hard times, but I could keet running.”
  • [Fans chaning]: “Tanahashi saiko~” (Tanahashi is great)
  • “Aishitemasu! (I love you)”


Tanahashi: “(Feb 20, 2011 in Sendai) was one my most memorable days… and today, too.”

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