G1 27 Day 8 Japanese Commentary Translations (Spoilers)

G1 27 Day 8 In-Ring & Commentary Translations


Tama vs Juice

Commentators: Tama is very jealous of Juice’s new status and the big expectations the company has for him. Tama has been here for over 7 years, and this is only his 2nd G1. On the other hand, juice made it to here after only two years.


Sanada vs Yano


  • “Looks like Sanada has a good understanding of Yano; he’s seeing one step ahead.”
  • “Yano has to come up with new idea.” (In reference to the tape)


Suzuki vs EVIL


  • “EVIL made Suzuki fall into the world or darkness”
  • “Is EVIL the eye of storm?!”


Kojima vs Okada


  • “Okada is looking down at everyone. And he said he is going to finish Kojima within 5 minutes.”
  • “Okada is even humiliating Tenzan.” (mocking his signtature hiss)
  • “Kojima countered Okada’s  Rainmaker with his own.”
  • “Okada is just so strong. Sugoi(Amazing).”


Elgin vs Kenny Omega


  • “Last year, Elgin beat Kenny.”
  • “Kenny guards himself well.”
  • “How impressive is the high level of foreign wrestlers in New Japan!”
  • “They have fought four times so far. This is the fifth.”
  • “How fast Kenny’s moves are! He jumps so high it’s as if he has wings.”
  • “Even okada couldn’t beat Kenny after 60 minutes, but Elgin did it!”
  • “To win, Kenny has to beat Okada in Ryogoku. Okada has the advantage over Kenny”

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