Kenny Omega “Disappointed” in Sanada

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On Kojima (July 30th, in Gifu):

“Actually, I’ve fought him once in 2011 for JAPW, in New Jersey. It was right after his G1 win, and I was one of junior fighters. I lost to him, unfortunately. However, it’s now many years later. We are in completely different positions.”

“I respect him as a legend. But his stamina, compared to mine, is not good. For him to defeat me, he needs to make a move before his stamina runs out.”


On EVIL (Aug 2nd, in Fukuoka)

Interviewer: “You describe EVIL as someone who ‘can fight you as a new generation wrestler’.”

Kenny: “Yes, EVIL is the kind of wrestler who keeps evolving. What it is nessesory for the ‘new generation wrestlers’ is that they are knowledgeable and can adapt to both, the Japanese, and international wrestling styles. And, he is still young and has momentum. I bet he wants to defeat me in order to prove his ability. I expect this is going to be very interesting.”


On Juice Robinson (Aug 5th, in Osaka)

Interviewer: “Juice has been surging, earning many opportunites this year.”

Kenny: “I agree. I talked to him when he was a young lion. I asked him, ‘What do you most want to do in New Japan?’ He said, ‘I want to be in the G1′. I remember that. He isn’t ready to be ‘the main guy’, however, the potential in his body strength is remarkable. Even though he only has a few moves, I have to watch out his power. I wouldn’t be surprised if he became one of the top wrestlers, with more growth.”


On Sanada (Aug8th, in Yokohama)

“I am honestly very disappointed in Sanada. He has only done small things in the ring in the last year. He should be ashamed about that.”

“He isn’t measuring up to expectations. When he first appeared in Ryogoku (April 10th, 2016), he made a big impression, but what has he done after that? Defeating Tanahasi in the G1 last year, only that? Even though he has great potential, there aren’t much results. There are many wrestlers like that in the indies. If nothing changes, he will end up like them.”

On Okada (Aug 12, in Ryogkoku)

Interviewer: “It is going to be the third time against Okada. In the G1, the time limit is only 30 minutes. But so far, it took 45 minutes in the first match (Wrestle Kingdom 11, Tokyo Dome) and 60 minutes in the second (Dominion 6.11, Osaka Castle).”

Kenny: “I have to fight in a completely different way, this time. Honestly, I never want to lose to Okada again. Even if I lose every other match, I want to beat Okada.”


On Ibushi

Interviewer: “You said that you want to fight Ibushi in the G1, but you also mentioned about ‘the big difference’ between you two.”

Kenny: “He will probably see many changes in New Japan (since his leaving). And, he will know that I have changed the most. I will make him know that in the match. I will be waiting for you, Ibushi!”


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