G1 Backstage Comments Day 8

Highlights from original video.



“It is getting interesting. Hey, Nagata, get ready for me.”



“I’m going to show how scary I can be, Makabe.”



“Next is Ishii in Aichi. This is going to be my revenge match from LA. And I’m going to show him it was just luck. Hasta Sabado [Spanish: Until Saturday]. Adios.”



“I think I am hard on Yoshi-Hashi. Because, Yoshi-Hashi, you remind me of myself.”



“I’m not broken at all.”



“I’m going to show how I have changed and evolved, to Tanahashi.”



“Listen well, Suzuki; I’m the king of darkness in the wrestling world.”


Kojima & Tenzan

Tenzan: “Hey, you okay? You okay? I had never seen this hot of a match before. I just want to see you keep fighting, not giving up.”

Kojima “This is going to be one of the most frustrating days of my pro wrestling career. But when I wake up in the morning, I will be better. This is why I could continue to do this over the last 26 years.”


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