Suzuki Remembers His Mentor, Karl Gotch, on the 10th Anniversary of His Passing

Minoru Suzuki took to Twitter to share his thoughts on his teacher, Karl Gotch:



Today is the anniversary of the death of Karl Gotch. Exactly 10 years since his death.

I still have the words he taught me; ‘Never lie. Never cheat. Never quit.’ He forced me to be accountable.

“Everyone ages. However, you don’t always have to ‘get old’. Age is something you accumalate. And it gets thicker like a vine.”

“You have to decide if you’ll go right or left in a second. Your opponent never waits for your decision. If it doesn’t work, then you move and go back again. That’s it.”

“All I can teach you, Suzuki, is only to prepare. It’s you, yourself, that will fight with your own hands.”

“Even if you can fool people very well, even if you can fool everyone in the world, you’ll always know the truth, yourself.”

“I know the only way not to lose, is to not fight. I also know the only way you might win, is to fight.”

On the bus, I was remembering the words he always told me during training. I will keep… fighting.

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