G1 27 Backstage Comments Day 10

Highlights from original video.


Umino (Son of Red Shoes)

“Not yet at all. Fans are very supportive of me. But I came here to be the best. I can’t stumble here. I’m getting more chances in the G1.”



“Tell that skinny guy (Zack Saber Jr.) I said, ‘let’s do it’. It’s the day after tomorrow. Get ready for me. Looking forward to it.”


El Desperado

“Hey. Hey. Hey. Makabe. Behave yourself. You lost. He (Zack) is the winner. He is the main man today.”



“It’s Ishii next. There is nothing I really want to say about Ishii. It’s absolutely going to be a strong fight. Do it or don’t.”



“I wanted this to be one of the main matches. It’s because Gifu is my hometown. The next town, Kagoshima, is Ibushi’s hometown. What a coincidence. I’m on fire. I charged my energy and my muscles at home. Look at this muscle (flexing his arm).”



“I can’t keep losing. I won’t forget this. I will repay my senpais (mentors). I’m going to get to the top.”



“I couldn’t even get to the Kami (god = Tanahashi). But I’m very excited. I’m always doing my best, but I will try harder in Kagoshima.”

Press: “Do you feel pressure with wrestling in your hometown, Kagoshima?”

“Yes, honestly a little nervous. I can’t lose 3 matches. It’s not a lie that I feel fatigue from the G1.”



“Okay, next is Kagoshima? Kagoshima Arena is one of my favorites. Exciting. My opponent is Goto Hiroki. Not a problem at all. Probably, the last time I fought him was during the New Japan Cup (2015). After our fight, he joined Chaos. I had suggested to him that he become ‘Captain Kuwana’ (After Goto’s hometown, Kuwana. A joke to compare him to Captain New Japan, perhaps). But he chose Chaos. To me, he hasn’t changed at all. I will evaluate you in Kagoshima. Hasta Martes (Spanish: Until Tuesday). Adios.



“Did you guys expect it would be all Yano world? After I won, everything is the darkness world. Remember that. Next is Kenny Omega. His rise doesn’t matter. I’m rising much more. Remember it.”



“Hey, Tama Tonga and Bullet Club. Who do you think you are starting a fight with? I will kill everyone who is involved. You and you and you, too! Nobody stand in front of my path. Even if it’s Bullet Club or LIJ, or Kojima Satoshi, I will kill everyone, one by one. Don’t forget that the victor is everthing.”



“It’s so hard. I’m facing the severe reality now. I’m very frustrated and sad, but my body is not feeling like that. I think my body is happy to fight those two strong guys. However, even if my body doesn’t feel regret, my brain feels it. I have to win even if it’s not to win the G1, it’s something beyond that. But I will be standing up lively by tomorrow. I will sleep tonight and next morning I will eat breakfast.”



“I watched an amazing match. Kojima has such great power, but he couldn’t win in the end. It’s very hurtful for me to see. I will be at his side until the G1 ends. Even though Kojima’s fight is great, Kenny Omega and Okada are so strong.”



“Four more matches and the final. Does anyone expect that someone will beat me? If not this is going to be the G1 for Okada by Okada.”


2 thoughts on “G1 27 Backstage Comments Day 10

  • August 1, 2017 at 10:01 am

    I love Suzuki just straight up talking about killing people now, haha. I suspect that, by the time he gets to Okada, he’ll be fired up beyond belief, and might just give our Golden Rainmaker an L…

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work!!

    I guess, request wise, would you be able to provide translations for the catchphrases that the wrestlers have? For example, before Tanahashi says his signature “I love you~!” he says some other things that I can’t quite catch (yet), and Shinsuke says some things before “YEAOH!” Would you be able to translate those, whenever you get a chance?

    Thanks either way!

    • August 1, 2017 at 10:45 am

      I’m enjoying Suzuki’s promos the most right now, legitimately unsettling.
      Your requests are noted. We’ll look into it.


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