G1 27 Backstage Comments Day 9

Highlights from original video.


Kitamura (Young Lion)

“EVIL and Takahashi Hiromu. Why are you guys so strong and cool? Let me fight against them more. I will improve and evolve to face them.”


Kawato (Young Lion)

“Shit. Shit. Takahashi Hiromu. I will repay you for what you did to me. I will take 3 counts from you.”



“Next is Yano Toru. I’m going to play in your Yano Toru World. But I will take you to my darkness world.”



“I am going to face Kenny Omega after fighting against Okada. How fortunate and grateful that I can fight those two top guys. That will motivate my personal growth. It’s time to show off my 26 year career.”



“I will be counting on Kojima. He has to win now.”


Oka (Young Lion)

“I couldn’t even get a chance to reach Okada. I thought I could show my ‘puroresu’.”



Was my ‘puroresu’ photogenic on Instagram?



“Now it is 7pm. Tomorrow, I have to face the darkness, again. But to my family (fans), I’m not going to lose! I’m not lying!”



“Juice Robinson, I have good expectations for you. But you’re a long way still to come at me. I will toy with you so much.”



“Nagata was good. He should be like that. Those older guys have made me think. I like their attitudes, that they are still trying to teach us their ‘puroresu’. This is my compliment to them.”

“I will continue winning. 3 wins, 4 wins, 5 wins, 6 wins. Anything to ask me? (Makabe counting seconds one, two, three…ten.) Oh, still nothing to ask me? I told you guys to come up with something last time. You guys have changed.”

“It was good today. That’s it.”



“Makabe, you know how to fight well. Makabe is the reliable one in current New Japan.



“Well, losing three times a row is hard, but I am not giving up yet. I will definitely recover a loss. Definitely. Definitely. Definitely.”



“Only my emotions are burning, but not my wrestling. I have lost twice so far. I will cool down for the next match.”



“What I feel is that my condition is getting better. It is called ‘muscle memory’. Once the muscle gets smaller (swelling drops) it recovers. I am remembering many things now. I call it ‘brain memory’.”

Press: “Tanahashi, next match is Ibushi”

“Oh, well. I consider my ‘puroresu’ to be ‘oldest brother puroresu’. His ‘puroresu’ is the youngest  ‘puroresu’. I’m not saying which is better. But there is only a few wrestlers who can do ‘oldest brother puroresu’. Naito is the second brother. Close.”



“It would make a huge difference if I had won or lost today. Today, I couldn’t lose. But this is still before the match (final).”



“I am not going to say any excuses. Ishii, remember well. I will get revenge for LA and today.”



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