G1 27 Day 10 Japanese Commentary Translation

G1 27 Day 10 In-Ring & Commentary Translations


Yano vs EVIL


  • “Yano didn’t get any ad time for his DVD today.”
  • “EVIL avoided faling for Yano Toru’s magic.”


Suzuki vs Tama Tonga

Announcer (throughout the match): “Jyougai rantou, okiwotsuke kudasai” = (fighting outside the ring, please be careful)


  • “That’s my water!” (after Tama Tonga drinks)
  • “How many seconds were they in the ring? Less than 10 seconds?”
  • “Tama seems like a totally different person!”
  • “About 3 years ago, when AJ Styles was the leader of the Bullet Club, they took all the titles. Suzuki-gun can’t make mistakes against them as rival heels.”
  • “The referee is out. It’s back to the jungle again.”
  • “We saw a different Tama Tonga today.”
  • “Another Young Lion hurt by Suzuki, again.”


Sanada vs Elgin


  • “Both have good speed, power, and ability. It’s going to be interesting.”
  • “Elgin is inviting Sanada to the ring. Will Sanada take his invitation?”
  • “Elgin is leading Sanada around by his power.”
  • “With Elgin’s weight it is very difficult to lift him, but Sanada’s got the power.”
  • “Sanada is leaving while still keeping his coolness.”


Kojima vs Kenny Omega


  • “First ever match in G1.”
  • “They have fought in 2011, in New Jersey. Kojima was an independent wrestler at that time.”
  • “Kenny Omega has since increased his weight and speed.”
  • “Kenny Omega seems so comfortable. Slowly, he is damaging Kojima.”
  • “Kenny’s still keeping his t-shirt on and those pants are not for the big matches.”
  • “Kojima gets revenge with ‘Mongolian’ (Tenzan’s move).”
  • “This match made us realize that the difference is so big (they are on different levels).”


Juice vs Okada


  • “First time meeting in a singles match.”
  • “Nobody has defeated the champion so far. He is in control of every match.”
  • “This was Juice’s dream; to be in the G1. Juice has grown with every opportunity.”
  • “Every time Juice tries to take control, Okada stops him.”


  • “Tate, konoyarou! Koiyo!” = Stand up, you bastard. Come on!
  • “Doushita Juice. Omae sonna monjya naidaro!” = What’s the matter, Juice? Is that all you’ve got?


  • “Perfect rainmaker!”
  • “We saw that Okada was encouraging Juice.”




Okada: “I have three things to say. First; Juice you did quite well. Let me tell you that ‘the title is a long ways away’*. Second,  I’m sorry for being this strong. Step up, somebody, if possible. Third, nothing really. Gedo, speak.”

Gedo: “I’m saying that he is going to win every match. Rainmaker will return to Gifu again as the champion. And he will make it rain.”


Okada: “Four more matches and the final. Does anyone expect that someone will beat me? If not this is going to be the G1 for Okada by Okada.”

*Commentators explain: ‘The title is a long ways away’ is that what Tanahashi told Okada when he challenged for the title. Okada is alluding to the great expectations for Juice.

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  • July 30, 2017 at 8:44 pm

    Requesting a translation of what Tama Tonga said on the microphone during his match, if possible.

    • July 30, 2017 at 8:47 pm

      To be honest, neither my partner or I could figure it out. He was really out of breathe and it wasn’t very audible. I’m not even sure what language it was in. You made me curious now, I might have to go back and check.


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