G1 27 Day 11 Japanese Commentary Translations

G1 27 Day 11 In-Ring & Commentary Translations


Yoshi-Hashi vs Fale


  • “The feeling that he (Yoshi-Hashi) can’t lose anymore is firing him up.”
  • “The moves Yoshi-Hashi can use are very limited due to Fale’s size.”
  • “Looks like Fake knows Yoshi-Hashi’s strategy. But Honma has said that Yoshi-Hashi is so good at strategizing.”
  • “Yoshi-Hashi needs to lean his entire body weight into Fale (when he was using the move, Butterfly Lock).”
  • “He did well.”


Zack vs Makabe


  • “This is going to be the match of power vs technique.”
  • “Zack’s targeting Makabe’s ligaments, when there’s no muscle (around knee).”
  • “Zack’s submission matches suits his body type, taking advantage of his long legs and arms.”
  • “Even when Makabe tries to escape from his submission, Zack is already switching to another lock.”
  • “King Kong tapped!! Unbelievable! He gave up!”
  • “Zack is awesome. He is a dark horse.”


Ishii vs Nagata


  • “Nagata has the most records in G1. However, he has no wins so far this year. Nagata and Kojima are facing a tough reality.”
  • “Even though Nagata has 0 points so far, we have seen his ‘strong style’ and how powerful he is. I think Nagata has influenced Ishii greatly.”
  • “Everyone pays attention to his ‘shirome’ (eyes rolling back), but Nagata’s arm lock is such a torture move.”

Ishii: “Agatte koiyo, ora, Nagata” = Come up (to the ring), Nagata!


Naito vs Goto


  • “Naito made a move first! It’s unusual. Not ‘tranquilo today’. Naito is fired up.”
  • “Goto was a finalist in both, last year’s G1 and this year’s New Japan Cup. He almost made it to the top. He always comes up short to someone else in the end.”
  • “Goto’s lariat is very heavy and painful. I’ve felt it before.” – Milano Collection AT (retired wrestler)
  • “Naito didn’t let Goto hit his finisher.”


Ibushi vs Tanahashi


  • “Ibushi is from Aira-shi, Kagoshima (this is his hometown).”
  • “When Tanahashi comes to the ring, the fans are on his side. That’s his magic. But once the bells rings, fans will be chanting for Ibushi.”
  • “Tanahashi is very calm. All fans are booing Tanahashi, even the ones wearing CHAOS or LIJ shirts.”
  • “Ibushi stepped on Tanahashi,  the ‘itsuzai’ (phenomenon, 1/100).”
  • “Ibushi has awaken!”
  • “Ibushi finally beat Tanahashi, the one Ibushi calls a god.”


Ibushi: “Kagoshima is awesome. I have never loved puroresu as much as I do now. I will recover and win the G1!”

Commentators: “Ibushi is not a reliable person outside the ring. 90% of what he says usually is not true. But in the ring he never lies; so he believes that he will win.”


Ibushi: “But I still don’t consider that I beat Tanahashi. This is just one match in the G1. As a result, I won. But Tanahashi’s puroresu is very deep. I only got to touch just a little of it.”

Interviewer: “You said something to Tanahashi after. What did you say?”

Ibushi: “I only said ‘thank you’. I was so grateful that this fight was in Kagoshima. I will absolutely win the G1.”


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