G1 27 Backstage Comments Day 11

Highlights from original video.



“Damn. Again, I missed my chance. I have to win. Suzuki-gun, remember; I will take advantage of the next chance.”



“6 years ago in Fukuoka, I still remember when you broke up Kojima-gun and formed Suzuki-gun. These last 6 years, I have been thinking about it. You ruined my plans. I don’t know why you’re always around during my moments. Tomorrow I will see you. And I will get my first win from you!”



“Suzuki… I’m so annoyed. But Kojima is going to beat him up tomorrow.”



“Why don’t you quit? Why are you still doing this? Old fart, Kojima. Kojima-gun, you are the most boring boss among all puroresu ‘guns’ (groups).”


El Desperado

“Poor, Kojima. But I don’t care about you. I’m not interested.”



“Why is he even here? You are just an ‘opening act’ guy. Not only can you not stand in front of me, but you don’t even deserve to stand in the ring. Just quit now! If you don’t have motivation to fight or get fired up, don’t come up to the ring.”



“Hey, Kenny. You did it, bastard. Hey. I will kill you tomorrow, remember that.”


Hiromu Takahashi

“Hey, did you guys read my new diary that just started on NJPW’s official site? Did you? Did you really read it? Read it. Please read it again very carefully. Well, then, I have somewhere to go.”



“Next is Tama Tonga. I bet nobody believes he has a chance. What I want to ask him is ‘what have you done in the last 7 years?’ Even though everyone knows he can’t beat me, I won’t be satisfied with just winning as usual. That would be very boring. Please try to bring something. Something would be memorable.”



“Hey, everyone. My Family. Are you guys watching? Yesterday, I arrived in Kyushu. There are many of my family members (fans) in Kyushu, so I’m not going to lose!”



“Now I understand that something very important was lacking in the match in Aichi against Tanahashi. Don’t always think you can stay on top. I will get my revenge.”



“There is nothing really I want to say about Ishii. But I feel like we have something in common, in our roots. Ah… I am stumbling, but I am going to stand up because I am real. Watch me.”



“I don’t care how many points the top guys have. I only need to not to lose. I will keep running. That’s it.”



“Regretfully, I don’t want to admit it, but Naito, he is strong. But I am not giving up, You know why? The ‘G’ in ‘G1’ stands for ‘Goto’. That’s it.”



“He decided against my advice of becoming ‘Captain Kuwana’. It has been about 1 year and a half since that. Has he changed? But the seat for ‘Captain Kuwana’ is still available. You better think about transformorming into ‘Captain Kuwana’ while being struck by water*. Enjoy the summer with LIJ and Naito Tetsuya. Hasta mañana. Adios.”



“My plan to provoke Ibushi backfired. Puro wrestlers need to be explosive in every match. I understand that by looking at Ibushi. But I still only have 2 losses. Can’t give up. I got carried away by Ibushi calling me Kami (god). I will return to just being ‘itsuzai’ (phenom).



“But I still don’t consider that as beating Tanahashi. This is just one match in the G1. As a result, I won. But Tanahashi’s puroresu is very deep. I only got to touch just a little of it.”

Interviewer: “You said something to Tanahashi after. What did you say?”

“I only said ‘thank you’. I was so grateful that this fight was in Kagoshima. I will absolutely win the G1.”


*Naito’s reference

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