G1 27 Day 12 Japanese Commentary Translations

G1 27 Day 12 In-Ring & Commentary Translations


Sanada vs Juice


  • “Juice’s knee has been better some days and worse others.”
  • “Sanada has been acting mysterious… saying that he has found a new Sanada, but he doesn’t want to tell us what that is yet.”
  • “They both got hurt in the match against EVIL. Is this part of the darkness world?”
  • “Even though Juice has no chance of winning, this G1 experience will mean something big for his career.”


Michael Elgin vs Yano


  • “He lost to Yano last year, but in a match in ROH, they ended with a draw.”
  • “Elgin says that he knows Yano’s plan, even if he’s acting like this.”
  • “Yano’s running away, pretending he’s hurt. Elgin fell into the pitfall.”


Kojima vs Suzuki


  • “6 years ago in Fukuoka, Suzuki, Taka Michinoku, and Taichi betrayed Kojima, destroying Kojima-gun and forming Suzuki-gun.”
  • “Now, it’s over. This match was all Suzuki.”


Tama Tonga vs Okada


  • [After Tama took Okada’s robe] “It’s so rare to see Okada lose his cool.”
  • “Tama beat Tanahashi last year.”
  • “Okada lost to Fale last year, but after that, he hasn’t lost since.”
  • “Can Okada be the unheard of G1 winner while holding the IWGP Heavy-weight title?”
  • “In WWE, Nakamura beat John Cena today. Maybe Okada’s senpai’s (mentor) great success has been motivating Okada very much.”


EVIL vs Kenny Omega


  • “Omega has said that he was looking forward to fighting EVIL.”
  • “EVIL has been progressing so much recently, so has Kenny.”
  • “Kenny got injured from a table last year by EVIL; he wants revenge.”
  • “EVIL pushed Kenny very far. He awoke today.”
  • “We got to see EVIL’s potential, beyond our expectations.”



Kenny’s Japanese

  • “I see Los Ingobernables no Tshirt… (‘no’ = ‘of’, mean’s ‘LIJ shirts’)
  • “The only gaijin (foreigner)….”

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