G1 27 Backstage Comments Day 12

Highlights from original video.



“Kitamura and Oka aren’t the only Young Lions. I will get better than them. I can’t be stopped.”



“So much frustration. There are many strong wrestlers, though I only get to fight Young Lions. And my fight is not planned everyday. Also, It looks like Kawato and Kitamura have more opportunities. I get frustrated by that, too. Let me fight more.”


Young Lion #3




“It will be interesting to fight Ibushi. I want to experience Ibushi’s madness. I want him to fight against me with courage. I will do that, too.”



“Next is Nagata-san. I’ve fought him in G1, in 2013, and lost. So, I want revenge. I can’t lose. But I’m amazed at how his condition has been so great. All of his G1 matches so far can be described as ‘best matches’.  He will be a tough opponent. I have to keep winning to be vicortious.”

Interviewer: “How are you feeling after fighting Tanahashi?”

“I feel like I was be able to reach his puroresu. And that was the best moment.”



“We both can’t lose anymore (referring to Yosh-Hashi). Let’s have a cool match.”



“I always wanted to fight Goto-san. Not only am I excited, I will absolutely win. I always wanted this match even before joining CHAOS.”


El Desperado

“Kushida, where are you? Because you’re not here, I have to fight Young Lions. So boring. Come back right now. I will be waiting for you.”

“Bushi, he doesn’t even know how to use a mask. He is a cry-baby for getting his mask taken by us. A mask is not for fashion. Hiromu, nice to meet you.”



“I still have this mask (Bushi’s). Doesn’t he want this back? What does it say (pointing the ‘kanji’ on the mask)? Takeshi? Is that his real name? I will keep this in case he gets scared and says he will give up. Those ‘Japon gundan’ (LIJ members), we will use you guys in ‘Taka Taichi Puroresu.”



“Zack Sabre Jr., he is not like anybody in New Japan. I don’t get opportunities to experience techniques like his. I’m very excited. Maybe he will be the one who makes me wipe my brow (makes him not tranquilo). And this is going to be first time in Ehime to have a G1 match. Hasta Viernes (Spanish: Until Frieday). Adios.”



“Hey, Taichi. Stop playing around. When do I get to see them again? Whatever. I am looking forward to facing you again in Ryogoku Kokugikan. I will make you regret your actions.”



“Hey, everyone. Why aren’t you guys more happy? Think happily. It’s only you who can make your truth. (Looking at the ‘Taka Taich Puroresu event flyer’) I’m excited.”



“It’s Makabe who I fight tomorrow. I deeply understand his situation. I know the feeling when you are criticized for lack of results. Then, people start saying ‘focus more’ (on wrestling). We are 100% puro wrestlers, that’s our identity (a response to the crticisms they receive for participating in other media entertainment). I’m the same as you are.  Still only 2 losses, I can make it up. But I will have no mercy (for Makabe).”



“Hey, Tanahashi. Enough of you getting carried away. You’re a shit puro wrestler. Tomorrow, my familiar place, Matsuyama, I will put you in the hell. Don’t get confused. You have no chance of winning. That’s it.”



“Kuso Atsui” = f**king hot (weather)



“Good, good. A little bit more, then I will reveal.”



“Everyone. As you know, in this world, evidence is everything. Everyone, let’s get evidence, and be happy.”


Kojima, Tenzan, Suzuki

Tenzan (to Kojima): “You okay?”

[Suzuki-gun enters and attacks]

Suzuki: “Go home loser!”

“Losers have no right to speak. Kojima, where the hell are you looking at? Who are you looking at? Where are you going? You are looking at illusions of your old glory. Where you’re going is your old, beautiful history.”

“Hey, even while you are doing that, everyday, time is ticking. You will get dumped into the trash, and be left behind. You’re just a dropout. Appreciate that you were even touched by me. You don’t deserve to touch me. The opening act. Never show your face in front of me. I have no business with you.”



“All-out victory, of course. But Tama Tonga, only a little bit, was I able to see your attitude of trying to beat me. But is that all you’ve got after 7 years? Go on a rampage. There’s G1 but also try to reach for this (IWGP title).”




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