Ibushi Rekindles His Love for Puroresu by ‘Researching WWE’

Original article from Tokyo Sports.

Ibushi recently defeated Hiroshi Tanahasi in this year’s G1 tournament. He participated in the the WWE ’Cruiser Weight Classic’ tournament last year, after leaving New Japan to work independently. He received an official offer from WWE, but returned to ‘the most grueling tournament in the world’, the G1 Climax. This was his homecoming after his expedition.

Ibushi says, “I had a great offer from the WWE. It was terrific. I then came to a realization; am I wrestling to live or because I love it. This was my afterthought.”

He also regrets not winning the G1 and IWGP since he has been gone from the company.

Ibushi says, “It was never my plan to sign a contract with the WWE, because I can’t live in the U.S..” He admits that he doesn’t have the ability to live overseas by himself. Although he wanted to find out what it’s like to wrestle for the biggest wrestling company in the world. As a result, the experience reminded him of his love for ‘puroresu’, after being exhausted from working for two companies (New Japan and DDT).

Ibushi adds, “The G1 is fun, after all. And I can wrestle in Japan. I want to contribute to make wrestling bigger in Japan.”

He exclaimed, ‘I have never loved puroresu as much as I do now’ in the ring after his victory over Tanahashi.

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