G1 27 Day 13 Japanese Commentary Translations

G1 27 Day 13 In-Ring & Commentary Translations

Featuring Honma on commentary!

Milano Collection AT, as well.


Ibushi vs Nagata

“We have heard good responses from the match between Nagata and Ishii in Kagoshima.”

“Ibushi admits that Nagata is his toughest opponent.”

Honma: ”Nagata can be scary. He is always thinking of what he should do next.”

“Nagata’s kick is learnt from muetai (kickboxing).”

“Nagata has ruptured vessels in his eyes; he has become a cursed demon.”

“Ibushi’s showing great respect to Nagata.”


Fale vs Ishii

Honma: “Fale is like a wall. But even though he’s so big, he can move fast. Also, he has a such a strong grip.”

“Ishii’s arm is hurt after that lariat to Fale.”

[Ishii throws Fale] Milano: “This is puroresu!”

[Ishii’s kicks to Fale’s head] “Kiiteru!” (効いてる)  = effective

Milano: “Fale is a monster! Invincible!”

“Even Ishii, trying this hard, he still couldn’t defeat Fale. But Ishii will never change his fighting style, even if it breaks him.”


Yoshi-Hashi vs Goto

Honma: “They are such good friends, like brothers. Goto treats Yoshi kindly.”

“Yoshi-Hashi is making a quick move.”

“Goto has great stamina; he recovers quickly.”

Honma: “Even Goto’s shoulders are so wide.”

“Yoshi found out how high Goto’s fighting level is.”


Naito vs Zack Sabre Jr.

“Zack gave notice that he will finish Naito within 10 minutes.”

“Zack is frustrated. It’s not like him.”

Honma: “I don’t handle submissions well.”

“Naito shows no weakness, though we can see he’s hurt by him limping and taped legs.”

“How many submissions does he know? At least 1000?”

Honma: “I don’t have 1000 kokeshis (leaping head-butts).”

“We are seeing a desperate Naito!”

“Naito’s neck and shoulder are hurt from being wrenched and twisted by Zack.”


Makabe vs Tanahashi

Honma: “I asked Makabe ‘Are you tired?’ and he said ‘Of course not, bastard’. I also asked Tanahashi the same question and he said, ‘I never get tired’, but I could see the tiredness on his face.”

Makabe [to crew]: “Doke!” = move

Honma: “I asked Makabe, ‘will you attack Tanahashi’s injured arm?’ and he answered, ‘It depends on the situation, bastard’.”

Commentator and Milano: “Why is he always saying ‘bastard’?”

Milano: “Today, Tanahashi is acting unusual. He’s doing things to make Makabe upset.”

“This is a fight of two wrestlers who have devoted their lives to puroresu.”



Tanahashi: “Thank you for watching until the end. G1 still continues.”

Fans: Mou ikkai = one more time (encore)

Tanahashi: “Let me tell you one thing; I’m on the way to winning (G1). People of Ehime, I love you!”

[While meeting fans, ringside] Tanahashi: “There are small children, too. So don’t push.”


“Maybe it’s because you were here today, Honma; Makabe had such a great match.”

“Honma, do you think you will return to the G1?”

Honma: “Yes, absolutely. For G1 28.”

“Please; don’t rush.”

Milano: “I don’t really understand what you (Honma) are saying. So I just nodded many times.”

2 thoughts on “G1 27 Day 13 Japanese Commentary Translations

  • August 8, 2017 at 9:22 am

    Question! How difficult was it to translate Honma’s commentary? This is the first time hearing him speak aloud so I was surprised by how gravelly it was. Was he coming out of an illness or is this how he typically sounds?

    • August 8, 2017 at 11:01 am

      It was very difficult. He always sounds like that, which makes things interesting. He’s a funny guy, so it’s worth trying. But even native Japanese speakers don’t understand him. I have no idea if it’s at all linked to an illness or injury. I’ll see what I can find on that.


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