G1 27 Backstage Comments Day 13

Highlights from original video.


Kitamura and Oka

Oka: “Again, us, ‘Monster Rage’ lost. But I highly respect Kitamura as my partner. Tama, who is in the G1, and strong Yujiro, we lost to them. But, we could keep up with them, somehow. It’s too late to be in the G1, but we will be in the World Tag and win. Us, Young Lions, will win the World Tag League.”

Kitamura: “Us, ‘Monster Rage’, we lost today, but in the World Tag we are going to win. I know that Tama, Yujiro, they went through all the hardship to get here. Tama, Tama Tonga, he’s f**king cool. I want to be a cool wrestler like him, this is why I’m here. I will evolve and be a cooler wrestler.”



“Hey, white pig (Elgin). Don’t stand in front of me pretending like you are a lion. You’re a just a pig, rummaging in garbage for food.”

(Looking at the interviewer) “Are you a pig, too? Huh? Are you Micheal Elgin?”

Man: “No.”

Suzuki: “Say ‘yes’. Yes.”

Man: “Yes.”

Suzuki: “Don’t lie to me.”

“Tomorrow, in Osaka, you’re a just a sacrificed pig for me.”



“Okay, Sanada. It’s about time. I was supposed to fight you last year. Let’s settle it. Do you think I’m the one who you can easily defeat? How do you see me? The Senpai (mentor) from All Japan Pro Wrestling? Or, do you completely ignore me? Just an old guy? No matter how you see me, I see you as one of the special opponents for me. I sense something special about you. This is going to be an unforgettable match. This is why I will definately defeat you.”



“He has to beat Sanada tomorrow. It has been 6 losses so far. He has to end with a good result. All I can do is just support him. I want to him to taste the win in the G1. Koji, ganbare (fight)!”

Press: “This year, you are supporting Kojima, it’s the opposite from last year. Do you feel as he did last year (supporting you)?”

“Well, I was winning early matches. But after that it, was all losses. But there was Koji who always gave me a kick in the back. That gave me  strength. Even though it’s frustrating to see that he ends with poor results, I want him to win. Looking at him, his condition and moves are good and he has great matches. I’m counting on him.”



“Everyone! I got something today! I went to an unfamiliar hotel. A young woman in the reception gave me a key. Yatta (hooray)!”



“It’s getting hotter. Evil, take me into your world of darkness. I’m going to enjoy it.”



“I have told you before G1 started; I will show you how to beat up Okada, the superman. Tomorrow, Osaka will be stained by the darkness.”



“Ibushi is unpredictable. I regret my loss, but I feel like I’m 15 years younger now. G1 is not over yet. That’s it.”



“This is my 4th win? Who is leading? I guess the final is getting close for me. Nagata was so great with his puroresu. I can’t believe this is going to be his retirement (from G1). I want to have this match (against Nagata) next year, too. Even the kicking, I can’t do better than Nagata. There is so much more I need to learn from him.”

Press: “Two thirds of the G1 is done, so far. Do you feel any difference from past G1s?”

“This year is the toughest, definately. But this is the most fun. Amazing moments in my 13 year career.”



“It’s good that I was able to win. Yoshi-Hashi, he has gotten much stronger. I was surprised. But I can’t be defeated. I have so much heart in the G1.”



“I was anticipating fighting Zack. I thought he would be the one who can give me a rush. I felt a rush, but not as much as I expected. A little bit. However, I came to the huge realization that there isn’t anyone else who can stop me.  Tanahashi and Makabe? They are the old guys who used to be active. You guys are not needed anymore. No fans are looking for you guys be on top. Well, I’m only looking forward the match on the 13th, in Ryogoku Kokugikan. Hasta mañana. Adios.”



“Shit, that bastard gave me a black circle (●=lost, ○=win). Shit. Is this my 4th lost? You know what. I will never give up? This is why the G1 is so fun. That’s it. Shit. F**k.”

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