G1 27 Day 14 Japanese Commentary Translations

G1 27 Day 14 In-Ring & Commentary Translations

Featuring Chono on commentary


Tama Tonga vs Yano Toru

“Yano’s ring time total for the G1 is 40 minutes. Each match averages to 6 minutes.”

“Tama Tonga wore face paint today because Yano is afraid of it.”

“Tama Tonga is showing off his ‘Break’, too.”

(Yano and Tama are both trying to take off the corner pads) “Yano is better because of much experience.”

“3 minutes 15 seconds total.”

“We wanted to announce G1 with Chono, but it turned into Yano’s world.”


Sanada vs Kojima Satoshi

“Kojima knew Sanada before he joined LIJ, from their time in All Japan Pro Wrestling. They were senpai and kohai (master and pupil).”

“When Sanada debuted in 2007, Kojima had IWGP title matches. Three months after his debut, they fought, Sanada lost to Kojima. Sanada has never defeated Kojima since.”

“Kojima is using many of his old moves from All Japan; he wants to remind Sanada of his old self.”

Chono: “Sanada couldn’t lead this match. He must regret it.”

“Kojima didn’t let Sanada break through the wall.”

“Kojima’s first win comes at the end of the cliff.”


Suzuki Minoru  vs Michael Elgin

Chono: “Suzuki is the only wrestler in New Japan who scares people away.”

“Suzuki is getting everything his way.”

“Elgin defeated Kenny, so if he defeats Suzuki the NEVER champion, he will have more opportunities.”

Chono: “Elgin is not an easy opponent for Suzuki; he’s big and very tough.”

Fans: “Taichi wa kaere” = “Go home, Taichi”

“Suzuki gets behind Elgin like a big snake.”


Juice Robinson vs Kenny Omega

“Juice came to New Japan to make his dream to be in the G1 come true.”

Chono: “I guess everyone knows Omega’s great physical ability, but Juice has it as well.”

Chono: “Omega’s an all round player.”

“It’s a steel table!”

“According to the doctor, Juice’s ligament is in bad condition.”

“Juice is attacking Kenny with every strong move, but he can’t put any strength behind his leg.”


EVIL vs Okada Kazuchika

“It keeps raining and Okada keeps winning.”

“Okada’s showing unstoppable strength.”

Chono: “I can sense EVIL’s nervousness, but Okada’s not paying enough attention to him.”

“Okada’s the only one who’s enjoying this G1, while everyone else is struggling and in pain.”

“EVIL’s opening boxes to find a way to defeat Okada.”

Chono: “Okada’s dropping his guard after watching Omega’s loss. Big chance for EVIL.”

“Fans are so excited to be here, for the chance they might witness the champion lose.”

“EVIL’s revenge!” (Throwing chair at Okada)

“How many chairs does he have? 4?”

“15 minutes have passed. It’s getting darker.”

“Dropkick sliced throught the darkness.”

“It’s been a year since Okada’s last loss.”

“This was what EVIL was talking about: how to beat the superman, Okada.”

“The entire world is surprised!”


EVIL: “I did as I said. Hey, Okada. Can you hear me? Welcome to the darkness world. I’m stronger than you are! I will dominate the IWGP and G1, and then New Japan.”

“History was made today.”

“We would expect that Okada and Kenny will lead the B block, but EVIL has made it on his own.”


EVIL: “I’m stronger than you are! Remember that.”

Chono: “New Japan’s level gets higher and higher in every match, in order to chase the champion.”



3 thoughts on “G1 27 Day 14 Japanese Commentary Translations

  • August 8, 2017 at 9:25 am

    Question! There is one commentator that peppers his commentary with English every so often, is it Milano? I recall he did so a few times during Juice’ matches. His yelling of “EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!” was great, it really added to the drama of the finish!

    • August 8, 2017 at 11:03 am

      Yeah, that’s Milano. As we watch more and more of the Japanese commentary, he has become a favorite of ours. On a side-note, he always looks pretty short too. – Juan


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