G1 27 Backstage Comments Day 14

Highlights from original video.



“My G1 ended today. But I will keep training to be one of the G1 wrestlers, next year. Thank you.”



“I don’t know if I took advantage of this G1 opportunity or not. But I won’t give up. There are so many roads to go down. I won’t get defeated here.”



“I will have a showdown with Zack, tomorrow, without nuisances (Suzuki-guns). Oh, wait, it’s going to be our first match ever. He will be a very interesting opponent. And this is going to be one of my pleasures for my G1 retirement.”


Taichi, Zack Sabre Jr., and El Desperado

Tacichi: “Hey, you are strong. You are winning your G1 climax, alone. You are winning your G1 climax, alone. You’re strong.”

El Desperado: “I’m not flattered at all. Are you mocking me?”

El Desperado: “How good for Zack. He seems like he is having a great day, everyday. Unlike him, I have to deal with young ones. Rarely, very rarely, I see the one with red hair who looks tasty. But that’s the only time. Kushida, where are you planning to leave the belt? America? Britain? Or Brazil? I don’t care wherever you go. I have business with the belt you have. Just leave it in Japan. Then I don’t have any business with you. Wherever you go, North Pole, South Pole, or Puerto Rico, I don’t care.”



“It was a good opportunity for me to see how Oka has grown. Oka has amazing potential; this was his chance to show it. Chance is something you bring to yourself and make it your own. Oka and Kitamura, their progress is significant. To me they are the ones who will carry New Japan in the future.”



“Damn. Takahashi Hiromu. I will make you feel the pain and suffering I feel. I will get my revenge.”


Hiromu Takahashi

“More, more and more. Everyone, take things in good ways (be positive). I guess I still can make it. I will go to see (who?).”



“Naito, who is usually calm, took my challenge. We will have fun tomorrow. That’s it.”



“Makabe is next, in Hamamatsu. Unfortunately, he has little chance to get to the final. I could tell that he was motivated. However, it’s too late for him. He had to do that from the beginning. Then, it would have been a more interesting situation tomorrow. I guess it’s great that he gets fired up like that. I have some advice to give him; you know what? You should completely be tranquilo. He doesn’t even have a chance to defeat me, but he gets so desperate. He is decreasing his 0% chance to less than that. This is our job, to entertain customers (fans). Hasta mañana. Adios.”



“It’s been about 2 years since Ibushi came to New Japan and left. I wasn’t even in the G1 back then. One thing I can say is that wrestlers are all totally different from that time. Be determined. I don’t care if I have no chance to get to the final. I will show you the reason why I’m doing puroresu here.”



“It’s going to be my last chance tomorrow. If I lose tomorrow, then it’s over. All I have to do is not lose, no matter what I do.”



“Scared. Scared. Scared. Very scared. It wasn’t something I can carry with one truck (?). But evil will fall in the end. The young lady in the reception will give me a key today, too.”



“Do you know why I was able to win? It’s because I didn’t want to lose to Sanada, even if I had to die. I’m the one who never wants to lose to Sanada. So, that’s how I could get here (victory). Sanada probably doesnt care. He probably thinks that I have nowhere to go. But I don’t care how he thinks. I fight for everyone. I could win because I never gave up.”


Tenzan (again)

“Finally, Kojima won. I was sure those losses was not all he had. I was so happy when they counted (1,2,3). Even its just one win, its very big for him. Kojima is alive and fighting in the G1. Great victory.”

Press: “He finally won.”

“Yes. Even though Kojima rarely showed his depression, I felt it by being around him. I still want to support him for two more matches.”



“What I can say about the match against Kojima, was that there was something only we could feel. That’s it.”



“Where the hell did you go?! Elgin?!”



“I’m stronger than you are! Remember that.”

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