G1 27 Day 15 Japanese Commentary Translations

G1 27 Day 15 In-Ring & Commentary Translations


Zack Sabre Jr. vs Yuji Nagata

“Nagata wonders why a great wrestler like Zack is in Suzuki-gun.”

“Nagata is a great opponent for Zack to show his wrestling chess play.”

“This is Taguchi’s most aniticapted match from A block.”

“It’s hard for Nagata to react to Zack; he’s using new moves we’ve never seen.”

“British fans were surprised to see Nagata’s shirome (eyes rolling back) during the British J Cup.”


Yoshi-Hashi vs Ibushi

“Yoshi-Hashi took advantage of his opportunities after many top wrestlers left last year.”

“Ibushi’s been eating healthier this summer; he’s choosing the most expensive bento (lunch box). I sometimes eat lunch with him, and he chooses the same one for me, but he doesn’t pay for my lunch.”

“Yoshi-Hashi showed off his kickboxing in a workout, but in kickboxing, Ibushi is advanced.”


“Ibushi’s saying something to Yoshi-Hashi, with a smile, and he bowed. Ibushi showed his respect to Yoshi-Hashi.”


Fale vs Goto

Fale’s tattoo on his right arm 侍魂 = Samurai Spirit

“In 2016, Goto defeated Fale in the G1.”

“Kenny’s first ever Gaikokujin (foreigner) G1 victory motivated Fale.”

“Goto’s true value is in this kind of (tough) fight.”

“Even wrestlers like Goto, who have technique and speed, can’t defeat Fale.”


Naito vs Makabe

“Makabe attacked first.”

“Naito asked, ‘What is Makabe’s core business’ (wrestling or entertaintment)?”

“On the first day Naito entered the dojo, Makabe got angry at Naito’s hairstyle and made him shave his head. Every Young Lion has to have a buzz-cut. Naito didn’t know because according to him, nobody told him.”

“They have fought many times; they know each other’s hand.”

“Naito challenges Honma everytime he shows up.”

“When he used to a baby-face, an elementary school-aged boy gave Naito the middle finger, and it made him very sad.”


Ishii vs Tanahashi

“They had an amazing match in Korakuen in 2013; Ishii used a move called ‘Ishii Driller’. We haven’t seen him use that move since then.”


“Only Naito and Tanahashi have 12 points from A block.”

“Tanahashi can’t get up. Is he okay?”

Tanahashi: “Thank you for today. Finally, everyone in Shizuoka, Aishitemasu (I love you).”

“He couldn’t even play air guitar as usual.”

“We are very concerned about his next match against Naito.”


Tanahashi: “Ah. Disappointed. I couldn’t play air guitar. I defeated Ishii. One more. One more match. I will return to the top of New Japan.”



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