G1 27 Backstage Comments Day 15

Highlights from original video.


Kitamura and Oka

Kitamura: “We (Monster Rage) are evolving in every match. It will be interesting if we are in the World Tag League. I think so. We will evolve more…”

(Juice and David Finley come in)

Oka: “It doesn’t matter to me. I will beat up everyone! I’m ready for it. We will win the World Tag League.”



“So regretful. I won’t forget this feeling.”


Hiromu Takahashi

“I couldn’t go to see it yesterday. I finally can go see it today. I have a great thing to announce you guys.” (New Daryl?)



“Elgin, do you think you can defeat me now? Keep coming to me. I will paint Yokohama in darkness, too. This is EVIL. Everything is EVIL.”



“Just one night, I jumped up to the big time, from the bottom. Can anybody defeat me now? I will keep winning the rest of the matches. And I will win… I’m not sure, but I might win.”



“Finally, G1 is getting more interesting, isn’t it? I don’t care about history. Next is Suzuki Minoru and then Kenny Omega. I will keep winning and make it to the final, then win the G1 easily. Are you ready?”



“I found one weakness. Haha.” (probably talking about Okada’s loss?)



“Finally, I could ‘Zea!’ (catchphrase) with a smile. I wish I could share this happiness with fans every time. Oh well. Thank you so much for the fans who supported me. That’s all I can say.”

Interviewer: “Did Kojima winning yesterday motivate you?”

“No, I don’t think about what others do. I focus on myself. I kept questioning how I lost. It wasn’t impossible for me to win each match. But my opponents were a little better or my plans failed. For the fans who support me to the very end, I want to keep winning in my final G1.”



“I couldn’t lose today. First all, I’m so happy with my win. How are the points? Was it my 5th win? 10 points? What about the points for the top guy? 10?

Interviewer: “It will depend on the next matches, Tanahashi and Naito.

“So, depending on that, I still have a chance. I’m not giving up yet. Absolutely. I will win the next match as well to get to the final. I won’t give up. Thank you.”



“Clear. Completely clear.” (His mind)



“Makabe, I felt this yesterday in Osaka as well, he was so fired up to face me. I thought he was lazy about puroresu, so it was nice to see him doing puroresu so agressively. But well, I had enough room to care about Makabe. Next is Tanahashi in Ryogoku, on the 11th. Unfornunately,  I’m not even looking forward to it because I am only looking to the final on the 13th. Sorry, Tanahashi, but I couldn’t care less about you now. I will be expecting your effort. Hasta Luego. Adios.

(Interviewer interrupts asking him something about the final)

Naito: “I know everyone’s expecting it will be Okada or Kenny, but I want an LIJ match with EVIL or SANADA. EVIL made a huge impact in Osaka. It even fired me up a little bit. I hope I can fight EVIL in the final. I will be looking forward to seeing him in the final. Thank you.”



“Ah. Disappointed. I couldn’t play air guitar. I defeated Ishii. One more. One more match. I will return to the top of New Japan.”

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