The Lion Marks Podcast: All For One and 1-4-1


In this episode we go over the what the announcers say every time you tune into NJPW.

Honjitsu no taisen card o happyou shimasu = Today’s matches are…
dai ichi shiai, dai ni shiai… = first match, second match, so on…
Ijyou 10 shiai = 10 matches, total
20 pun ippon shoubu = 20 minute 1 fall
Omatase shimasita = Thank you your patience
Shiai wo kaishi itashimasu = Now we will start the match(es)
Heavy kyu = heavy-weight class
Okieotsuke kudasai = Be careful
10 pun keika = 10 minutes passed

* What do the numbers mean
* Ishii (141) = i-shi-i
* Yoshi-Hashi (4484) = yo-shi-ha-shi
* Kushida (94) = ku-shi

Thanks to Tommy for the request.

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