G1 27 Day 16 Japanese Commentary Translations

G1 27 Day 16 In-Ring & Commentary Translations


Tama Tonga vs Kojima

“When Kojima won the G1, he was a member of All Japan Pro Wrestling.”

Tama Tonga: “Icchyauzo bakayaro” = I’m coming for you, bastard (Kojima’s catchphrase).

“Tama Tonga is haunting Kojima like a fly. Tama has more speed. Finished with his favorite, Gun Stun.”


Yano Toru vs Juice Robinson

“Nobody’s in the ring!”

“Yano is leading him around by the nose.”

“Juice beats the bully, Yano.”


EVIL vs Elgin

“EVIL made the biggest impact this summer.”

“Even though EVIL is faster, they both have similar bodies and strength.”

“Elgin defeated both the NEVER and US IWGP champions.”

“They are using similar moves.”


Sanada vs Kenny Omega

“Sanada debuted in 2007 in All Japan. He used to be Kojima’s student, there.”

Fan: “Sore wa damedayo” = You can’t do that.

“Losing to Juice must have been a failure in judgement for Kenny.”


Suzuki vs Okada

“Suzuki wants to prove who is the king of the puroresu world.”

“They fought in February in Sapporo for the IWGP title. Okada said he hates Suzuki more after that match.”

“EVIL stopped Okada’s furious speed in Osaka.”

“Yokohama is Suzuki’s hometown.”

“In 1998, Susuzki fought here in Yokohama against IIzuka. It was his retirement from New Japan. He left for UFC.”

“In G1, in 2014, they fought here, too. Okada defeated Suzuki.”

“Fans booing Okada; Okada smiles.”

“Suzuki is hitting Okada in a flurry; Okada is like his punching bag.”

“25 minutes passed.”

“They are both smiling.”

“30 seconds left.”

Jikangire hikiwake = no time left, draw


Okada: “I lost to EVIL and ended in a draw with the NEVER champion. They knocked me down, but I can’t stop being cocky until I beat Kenny Omega.”


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