G1 27 Backstage Comments Day 16

Highlights from original video.



“I regret the fact that I can’t be in the G1. The few matches I can fight in, I can’t win. I don’t ever want to lose again.”



“I got a chance again, but it ended with this result. However, there are still 3 days left in Ryogoku. I will make my own chance.”


Zack and El Desperado

Zack: “Ishii… bald bulloks… Nihongo wa hage (in Japanese; they’re bald)”

El Desperado: “Ishii, be excited for it. Tenzan, be happy. Zack said he wants to challenge you, who wasn’t even in the G1, because it might be fun. By the way, where is my opponent?”



“(They are) too strong. But I will evolve and grow.”



“Bad Luck Fale. My last opponent. I will defeat Bad Luck Fale and end with good luck.”


Yujiro’s ‘friend’

“I like big balls, very much.”



“I might not be able to go to the final. I will defeat Makabe to reach to my next level.”



“My G1 hasn’t finished yet. I will end by winning and settle the score with Ibushi from before. Next year’s G1 already has started. That’s it.”



“It’s rare recently to have a head to head match-up to decide the the block winner. Tanahashi and Naito. He attacks arms or legs. His attacks are inconsistent. In Osaka Castle, I was in worse condition than now, but won this belt. I can move better. It’s been 2 years since reaching the final in 2015. I will easily win.”



“I said this before, in Hamamatsu; I’m not looking towards the match against Tanahashi. It might end very quickly. Who am I going to see in the final? I’m only looking at that. Well, Tanahashi, he’s very damaged. On the 11th, at least there are a few fans who will cheer for Tanahashi. Good luck. But I will win and go to the final and win the G1. So, fans, look forward to it. I’m going to do the loudest LIJ roll call of the year. Hasta Viernes. Adios.”



“The reality of the G1 was more difficult than I thought. Me, Tenzan and Kojima fans, thought there were small possibilities for me to win. That’s why this reality is hurting me. I’m feeling disappointed in myself. But… but, now what I have in my mind is ‘genki’ (energized). I have done this for the last 26 years. I will deliver to people, ‘genki’. This is how I am.”



“I’m sorry for Kojima. Tama Tonga’s moves are odd (unorthodox). Well, there is one last match left. So, I’m counting on him.”



“Kenny is on this level (motioning with his hand), I will get here (higher).”



“I lost to EVIL and ended in a draw with the NEVER champion. They knocked me down, but I can’t stop being cocky until I beat Kenny Omega.”

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