Kenny Omega Hints At A Secret Weapon… ‘Breaking Rainmaker’

Original article from Tokyo Sports.


The midsummer festival, G1 is about to reach it’s climax. From B block, Kenny Omega (12pts) is chasing Okada (13pts). Both fought twice already for the IWGP championship title. On January 4th, in Tokyo Dome, after fighting for 46 minutes and 45 seconds, Okada held the title.  On June 6th, in Osaka Castle, they ended in a draw. Kenny’s mission now is to win within 30 minutes, but he is confident. Kenny says, ”Everyone is in bad shape as the G1 ends. Looks like Okada’s condition is worse than mine. I see a supporter on his neck… If EVIL could win, then I should also be able to.”

Okada’s only lost came from getting his ‘Rainmaker’ countered by EVIL. Kenny says, “My finisher (One Winged Angel) won’t work as well in that situation. I sure I will finish him with ‘One Winged Angel’, but I guess I need something special as well. It’s going to be a surprise on the day.” He hints at a secret weapon; ‘Breaking Rainmaker.’

On the other side, his former good friend and rival, Ibushi Kota, didn’t make it to the final, which means his longing for their match isn’t going to happen this time. Kenny, ”I was focusing more on the match against Ibushi than defeating Okada. Honestly, my motivation went down a little. Things didn’t go as planned, but that’s how life is. I came this far, so I have a strong will for winning. My winning will be the biggest benefit for the fans. The main matches which don’t have me are not best for New Japan.”

The best bout machine will fire up the Ryogoku this year, again.

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