G1 27 Day 17 Japanese Commentary Translations

G1 27 Day 17 In-Ring & Commentary Translations


Fale vs Nagata

“Fale mentioned that if it’s going to be Nagata’s last match in the G1, it’s going to be an important match. This shows respect to Nagata.”

“Nagata has been training for 2 hours everyday, this is why he’s still in the G1 at 49 years old.”  “

When New Japan was in the dark age, Nagata was called ‘Mr. IWGP’ and defended the title 10 times.”

“Shirome no kami (the god of eyes rolling back) is saying goodbye to the G1.”

Commentator, crying: “Goodbye, G1. Goodbye.”

“Nagata fought it out in his 19th summer of G1.”


Yohi-Hashi vs Makabe Togi

“Their first ever match.”

“This will be Yoshi-Hashi’s big chance to move up.”

“We’ve seen Yoshi-Hashi’s techniques through this G1.”


Zack Sabre Jr. vs Ishii

“They fought in the USA for the US championship title.” “

“How will the battle of contrasting fight styles end?”

“Ishii has many hidden moves he rarely uses.”

“Is Zack a mean person?” “Must be, because he’s one of Suzuki-gun.”

“Zack doesn’t have much power (when he was denied a pin).”

“Ishii’s hitting his own head against the rope. Ishii got fired up.”                             

“Zack locked-up all of Ishii’s joints.”


Goto vs Ibushi

“Goto said earlier, ‘my G1 hasn’t finished yet’.”

“G1 is the big chance to challenge for title belts. Now there are many belts to challenge for.”

“They fought in the final of the New Japan Cup in 2015; Ibushi won.”

“Ibushi’s got lightness, speed, and unorthadox moves. He has everything.”


Naito vs Tanahashi

“Tanahashi was always there at Naito’s breaking points.”

“Tanahashi won the G1 ten years ago, and became the true ace of New Japan; he devoted everything to help the company grow.”

“Ryogoku is where Naito reached charisma.”

“Naito’s targeting Tanahashi’s inured right arm; the same as he did in Osaka.”

“Tanahashi, Nagata, and Tenzan, all of the aces from New Japan say, ‘when they lose, its’s a new beginning, that is puroresu’.”

“When Naito first used Destino, it was on Tanahashi.”

25 minutes passed

“Destino. Tanahashi denied him.”

“Tanahashi used ‘Twist and Shout’ three times.”

“It’s Naito’s time!”




Naito: “Buenos noches, Ryogoku! You, the fans who support New Japan and LIJ… as you expected, I have reached the final. I don’t know if it will be Okada or Kenny Omega, but watch and hear when we, LIJ, dominate the G1 Climax . Let’s meet here in Ryogoku, the day after tomorrow, again.”


Naito: “That’s what you expected, right? So what? I got to the final. Everyone is here to win the G1. It was just another match for me. Everyone’s anticipating seeing me and the LIJ roll. I’m very excited to see how loud it will be. I don’t care if it’s Kenny or
Okada. You’re welcome.”

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