G1 27 Backstage Comments Day 17

Highlights from original video.



“Suzuki-gun. Damn. I will evolve more and become a better challenger.”



“There is only one thing to say; Suzuki Minoru, I will kick your ass. Please, face me one on one.”



“Hey hey hey hey, what about me? Can’t you guys do better than this? Hey hey hey hey. No chance for me?” (The reporters don’t have any questions for him, so he is upset)



“I have been anticipating fighting EVIL, who is surging the most, now. My excitement is 100 times greater after seeing all of his success in this G1. But I knew you very well, even before you started saying ‘this is’ or ‘everything’. I will give you one answer. Everything is ‘Tenkoji’.


Takahashi Hiromu

“Poor results for me who wants to challenge in the heavy-weighth class. Don’t worry about me. You can’t predict what it is going to happen in puroresu. This is why puroresu is exciting.”



“It’s not really a match, tomorrow. I will show you Kojima’s death. He should have done a little better, today.”



“War Machine prepared their costume in Taguchi Japan colors. They applied for Taguchi Japan. I feel sorry, I couldn’t do the best to respond their feelings. I’m wearing the pants which is not green. Very sorry. Well, Taguchi Japan with War Machine, makes Taguchi Japan better. And we will get the Junior Tag titles, there will be more title belts for Taguchi Japan.”

(Interviewer asks something about Ricochet?)

“I think he can win the titles (tag match). No problem. Why do I have this strong confidence? I don’t have a reason, just confidence.”



“It’s easy. If I don’t lose then I can get to the climax. You know what I’m talking about. Even a draw is enough. Don’t forget about me. I will beat up Kenny Omega in a real way. I will show everyone the next chapter from Osaka Castle.”



“First of all… I finished my 19th, my final G1 match. Thank you so much. Anyway, it’s over. My last G1. I said that I would win all of the matches and win the G1. However, the reality hurts. Everyone was so strong. I approached with my perfect state. Ended with 1 win and 8 losses. I’ve never had this low of a score. Well, what a shame. I look bad. My G1 is over, but Nagata Yuji’s challenge isn’t over, yet. This score will motivate me. Even if I fall, to stand up from this is the true strength. I have done puroresu for 25 years, now is the time to find my true value.”

TV Asahi announcer: “Nagata-san, everyone was chanting for you. I bet that means they believed that you still can do it?”

“It means so much to hear the Nagata call. It’s been a while. It almost made me cry when I saw that as I entered. I wanted to act cool, but it moved my heart. Don’t worry. I will stand up. I will show you true Nagata from now on. Shit, the result. Even my first G1 was never this bad. I approached every wrestler head-on, and no one gave me pity.  I will absolutely give back to New Japan for what they gave me. I will continue until then. Thank you so much for the 19 years.”



“I have to fight through any kind of bad situations. Even good and bad times. I will get to a higher level.”



“Glad to be able to win. But honestly I wanted to make it to the final. But, but, I thought for many that they can do good after a while. I’m strict on myself and others. I was convinced by some of them. That’s why puroresu is fun. Why do you guys think I’m the one who gets to judge? Because I’m the superstar, of course. New Japan is getting exciting. You know, Yoshi-Hashi, the shit. He used to carry my shoes, a few years ago. Look at you, I almost got beaten up by you. Puroresu is fun. I don’t give a shit whatever the company says or thinks about what I say. Even Naito and Zack Sabre, the skinny guy, I though I could easily finish him. I have to avenge my anger. Even Tanahashi, or this Ishii, I will get payback on you guys. If not, puroresu is boring. Anything else to ask me? Anything? Anything? Nothing? What about my women (relationships)? No, nothing. Take a picture when I’m walking next to a woman (tabloids). Ok? I’m so busy, I don’t have any time off, even when this is over. Well, of course I want to meet a cute girl, one or two, and talk about the future. If you get it, then please. Bye. Next year, I will win it all.”



“I know I didn’t have a possibility to get to the final. Even though, I hoped that winning this match, something will change. Even it won’t I though there is never zero chance.”

“Defeating Tanahashi was my big change. Great experience. Well, I did everything I could have done. I think surged, but I’m not sure what my fans think.”

Interviewer asks: “It’s been a while for you? Was it hard for you?”

“Well, yes. It was. But I got to experience the new New Japan. Everything has changed since my leaving 2 years ago. I thought I did it on a whole new level. That’s what I felt. But I don’t feel exhausted. Rather, I want to experience more. I want to fight more. It was so fun to puroresu.”

Interviewer: “Now, I assume that fans have higher expectations on you in New Japan.”

“Well, I don’t know what others think. If there is chance, I will go for in. I believe that I earned an opportunity.”

“Thank you so much for the people who support and chant for me. It was fun.”



“Well, this time I may not be able to get to the final. But after it is over, my G1 was fulfilling. I had great matches. Especially against Tanahashi in Sendai. That was where I fractured my chin 4 years ago. I could overcome this time. I finished this G1 with a win. I couldn’t get to the final, but I believe it was great for me, to lead to something. I’m already looking at next year. So, I will get ready for it starting tomorrow. Thank you.”



“I said this last year as well. I said that it is not the end. It’s the beginning. I will start over, again. Even if it’s the same I have to do it over and over again. Then there is something it will get polished. I found this cool English phrase in my daughter’s studies. I will mark it on my heart. Over and over again.”



“That’s what you expected, right? So what? I got to the final. Everyone is here to win the G1. It was just another match for me. Everyone’s anticipating seeing me and the LIJ roll. I’m very excited to see how loud it will be. I don’t care if it’s Kenny or
Okada. You’re welcome.”

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