G1 27 Day 18 Japanese Commentary Translations

G1 27 Day 18 In-Ring & Commentary Translations

With Jushin Thunder Liger on commentary


Juice vs Elgin

“There is no quarrel between them; they just want an honest match.”

“Even though Elgin’s very heavy, he is light on his feet.”

“Elgin’s debut in New Japan was in the G1, 3 years ago; he made an immediate impact. Even with a losing result, Juice has made a similar impact.”

“Juice has gotten stronger!”

“Juice showed us the importance of not giving up.”

Liger: “Juice has made an impact.”


Tama Tonga vs SANADA

“Tama Tonga is sick of the position he is in now.”

Liger: “With their abilities, I’m sure this will be a great much.”

“Can Tama Tonga perform a ‘Paradise Lock’?”

To Tama Tonga: “No Milano today”

“That was so close! (When Tama Tonga came back to the ring)”

“Liger, don’t you think these two have been showing their emotions, more than ever?” 

Liger: “Hmmm. Like Kenny Omega said, Sanada is a good athlete, but it’s not appealing because we can’t see what he thinks.”

“Sanada’s ‘Swan Dive’ is just like the young Muto Keiji’s!”

“They both ended with 4 wins and 5 losses.”


Suzuki Minoru vs Yano Toru

“Yano’s even taking advantage of the G1 to sell his DVD. Look at his fake smile.”

“Suzuki has lost to Yano three times before; he’s so angry.”

(To Taichi) “This is not how you use a pen, Tacichi.”

Yano (when Suzuki tried to reverse a corner whip): “Omae ga ike!” = “You go (not me)!”

“Taichi is a punk. He’s the specialist of sneaking.”

“Yano became a tangled mermaid!”

“Rocky Romero couldn’t watch anymore!”

“Yano caught the meanest man in the world, Suzuki!”

“Suzuki became a daruma.”


EVIL vs Kojima

“EVIL showed us that everything about him is real, throughout the G1.”

“Such high expectations!”

“EVIL sure left a big impact on G1 this year.”

“Okada hadn’t lost a singles match in over a year.”

“Kojima has taken a lot of damage.”

“The wing of Tenkoji is here. But there is hesitation after all of Kojima’s moves.”

Liger: “I feel like he uses what he learns from when he works with LIJ, in his single matches.”

EVIL: “Tate, tate. Oi” = “stand up. Stand up. Hey.”

“Kojima’s legs are wobbling.”

Liger: “I hope he can be in the G1 next year, too.”


Kenny Omega vs Okada Kazuchika

“The world has been waiting for this match.”

“This is going to be the greatest match ever!”

“Its’ only 30 minutes; their moves have to be fast.”

“They have different situations; Okada can still make it to the final with a draw. Kenny has to win.”

Liger: “Purowrestlers don’t usually wear supports. This must mean Okada’s neck is very damaged.”

“Kenny Omega’s a fighting Terminator; he has a computer system in his body.”

“Repaying, neck for neck.”

“Reverse Frankensteiner means he will break his (Okada’s) neck!”

Liger: “Okada is saying he can do it. But someone has to stop it! Gedo is torn. ”

“Tombstone to equalize.”

“Okada can’t even think about tomorrow. He has to defeat Kenny omega.”

“Kenny’s ‘Kuroi Trigger (Black trigger)’; his trigger to win.”

“Fans are so excited to see Kenny vs Naito tomorrow; it’s been a year since last time.”

“If Okada had won he’d have to fight with a broken neck. It was such a dangerous match.”




Kenny:  “First of all, Okada, your English is bad. So, let me say one thing in Japanese. This is not over yet. Nothing is over. But I will keep going this way. So, tomorrow, Naito-san, Naito of Los Ingobernables de Japon… (continues in English)

More post-match commentary:

Liger: “I almost thought that Kenny just won the G1 again. But not yet.” (he was caught up in the excitement)

“According to the interviewers, Okada gave no comment; he couldn’t even speak.”

“There might be a possibility that Okada will be absent tomorrow.”

“Okada and Kenny, they are ‘double super chojin (supermen)’.”

“Last year, Naito lost to Kenny in 28 minutes.”

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