G1 27 Backstage Comments Day 18

Highlights from original video.



“Hey, El Desperado, strop grumbling. Prepare your excuse for when I beat you up.”


Taka Michinoku & El Desperado

El Desperado: “Finally it’s home (the belt).”

Taka: “It belongs to him, you know. Where has it been since?”

El Desperado: “I have no idea.”

Taka: “It’s ok. It’s back now. You knocked out that dude… something…shida?“

El Desperado: “Ku..shi..da?”

Taka: “Its’ finally back where it belongs.”

El Desperado: “Where has he been playing around? Has he been fighting? Has he? Where has he been at?”

Staff: “Overseas.”

El Desperado: “Overseas? Where? “

Staff: “ROH”

El Desperado: “ROH? That sounds familiar to me. I have heard the name, maybe. Anyway, who did he fight, again? Who gave him permission to? This is mine. Poor belt, being dragged around. Unlike the red-haired champion, I can’t talk to non-living objects (like the belt). I’m the champion who treats the belt nicely.”



“I appreciate this opportunity to fight, in Ryogoku, with those big stars. I will evolve more to be able to have better matches.”


Ricochet & Taguchi

Taguchi: “Ashita (tomorrow). Tomorrow. Please watch us, tomorrow.”

Staff: “What was your concept for your face paint today?”

“Today’s concept? Well, hmmm… if you ask, I didn’t really come up with a plan… I wanted to make it funnier, but I focused more on looking cool. Sorry. I need to make plans.”



“Just as muscles hurt, I feel pain in my heart. But I will overcome and get stronger. This is just muscle pain in my heart.”


Ibushi Kota

“Well, I’m feeling less pressure after my G1 ended. G1 made me realize that I need to rethink where I’m headed.”

(Interviewer asks about ‘Phoenix Splash’)

“Well, when I unveiled it, I got a great reaction from the fans. I will keep using it. I’m not sure how much further I can go with this move, I want to improve it.”

Interviewer: “I believe fans have now much higher expectations for you.”

“I will try to reach higher and higher levels. I think it’s because of that feeling, me and my fans won’t change. Thank you.”


Takahashi Hiromu

“He shows up in my head. Does he live in my head? What is this feeling I can’t hold? What’s this? Come out, the one who I want to fight. The opponent who makes my feelings burst. Yes, I’m talking about you. Yes, it’s you. Come out in front of me, out of my head.”


Naito Tetsuya

“Well, tomorrow is finally the climax. But I fought to get here. My feeling is not any different from any other league matches. It’s not going to be any different because it’s the climax, or whatever. I want to show the current Naito and LIJ to everyone. Please, burn in your mind, the moment when LIJ dominates the G1 climax. Now, I’m going to be heading out. I want to see who is going to be my opponent tomorrow, on New Japan World. Let’s meet tomorrow in Ryogoku. Hasta mañana. Adios.”



“I lost everything at G1 this year, again.”


Suzuki Minoru

“Shit, you again. Yano, where the hell did you go? Is that you, bastard? Or you? I’m going to f**king kill you. Get out of here.”



“I’m 39 years old, it’s very tiring to move stuff with a wheelbarrow. So, I packaged it. That’s it.”


Kojima & Tenzan

“Tenzan, thank you so much.”

Tenzan: “Otsukaresama (good work).”

Kojima: “Thank you. The year passes so quickly. I’ve been remembering this time, last year, while fighting in the G1. Thank you so much, really.”

Tenzan: “As Kojima said, at this time in G1 last year, because of Kojima, I was able to be in the G1. I supported him, every way I could. To me, even if he won or loss, I wanted him to keep running. I think he got something more, throughout this G1. All I could do was support him from outisde the ring. But I got to see his way of life. I saw his attitude of not giving up, from first to the last. Otsuakaresan.”

Kojima: “Thank you, again”

Tenzan: “Good luck, next year, again.”

Kojima: “After these results, now, I completely understand that I don’t deserve to be in the G1. But this is me, now, I’m talking about. But until next year, I will try harder and get much better. So, I may deserve to be in the G1 again. With that hope, I’ll try. I want to say thank you so much for the support from Tenzan and the fans. I may still be in the G1, so I can keep going with energy and a smile. Thank you!”



“Kojima, your energy doesn’t work on me. Remember this carefully, I will dominate the IWGP and New Japan. I have no time to care about you.”


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